Hello, everyone! I'm moving to a new account over here: nixnet.social/users/cos

I'll be posting as cos@nixnet.social

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It is my firm belief that women belong in the kitchen

Men also belong in the kitchen
Nonbinary people belong in the kitchen
Children belong in the kitchen

Everyone should be in the kitchen. I made food. There's food in the kitchen

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Looks like #youtubedl is back on #Microsoft #Github:

Here's the interesting part though:

Was this all #RIAA actually wanted? If so, why not just talk to the devs and/or create an issue?

Or perhaps they thought they could get youtube-dl completely banned, and when backlash hit them (and MSGH), they settled on this as a pretext?

Either way, they're simply malicious.

#FuckRIAA #CopyrightReform

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100% foolproof way to get your bug fixed on ANY open source project 

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SCP: Overlord

Aside: SCP is such a cool project. I don't think there's any other collaborative work of fiction which is anywhere near its level.

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>Fans of meaningless strings of numbers rate Apple's new laptop very highly. Hackernews vomits one thousand comments bikeshedding the crowdsourced number stations. Some Hackernews try to make excuses for the computers with bad numbers, and other Hackernews express a feverish desire to acquire the computer with good numbers.

Benchmarks are turbodumb lol

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Copying ain't stealing,
sure as I'm breathing,
information wants to be free.

The mafia wants us to believe
youtube-dl was made for thieves.
In fact,
it was made for human beings.

We might listen to your pleas,
once you respect our machines,
they belong to us - not you.

Your drivers are mean,
your blobs illicit,
the hardware complicit,
and yet--
it's never stopped piracy.

The real caper is your crimes.
The theft of OUR public domain.
DMCA abuse, attacks on fair use.
Net neutrality and regulatory capture.

Sell it to us fair and square,
your terms are too much to bear,
and until you're playing fair,
fuck off!

Yo ho, yo ho. A pirate's life for me!

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2385. Final Exam 

@sir says he's going to shutdown the instance Where do I go next? I like it here because the server's fast (probably because we're both on the east coast). Where else is fast? Where else is fun? Where do I gooo???

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I've collected many of the suggestions from this thread about non-electric computers on this page here: wiki.xxiivv.com/site/paper_com

If you have any suggestions that you find are missing from the list, send them over :)

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The Mu shell, compiling down to a subset of 32-bit x86 machine code, then to a Linux ELF binary, packaged up with just a Linux kernel and nothing else, running on a Linux console emulated on Qemu, on a Thinkpad T420s running 64-bit Linux.

Just another 27 million lines of C to take out (Linux kernel), and I'll have a decent computing stack.

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