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I'm back at blogging!

My last post:

Expect more of that (I hope with more quality, I'm trying!)


I put a notification to remember that I have to publish a status update in this month, otherwise I'd forget about it...

I wrote my first status update of my blog as a draft and will be published in mid-september... 🙂

I'm making an API for a piece of software I use (because it doesn't have any).

The database is... something on its own.

I might write a post about using Go as the main language, with chi and other libs to make this project, and my comments about the database :breadthink:

I'm trying to debug an application which I use for listening to my music DSub. The problem is that, with Android Pie, there's something about the application that does not send the metadata to my car and, thus, I cannot see what I'm listening to (I know the songs, but I want to see them in the car's screen).

Also, that means that I cannot start/stop the song because something is not working properly.

I don't want to go to the car each time I have to test it, nor I want to spend time in my car with my laptop testing it and draining the car's battery.

So, do you know if I can simulate something with a Raspberry Pi, or an Arduino, or even using a Mac laptop's bluetooth and turn it into a receiver to see what data is sending the application and, thus, debug it at home?

It sounds bizarre, I know, but I didn't find anything (or I didn't search properly, too).

Thank for the RT if you did it :)

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So @fdroidorg chooses to not stay neutral anymore... Good to know.

I almost lose 760GB of data yesterday because I didn't do a correct step... Luckly I got my data back, but I *must* be careful next time... Also, make backups :breadthink:

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I want to write something in my blog, but I don't know about what... This is very frustrating :blobastonished:

A few days ago I disconvered Volkor X as a synthwave music artist...

Go and listen to this song!

Libra will be integrated into WhatsApp... So... In that moment, I'm going to close my WhatsApp account forever.

I discovered Hugh Laurie is a really good blues-man... You should do yourself a favor and listen to him!

I'm going to read the paper years after its publication... Because yes.

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Someone said to me today that most people "prefer" the GitHub/GitLab/etc pull request workflow over email. I don't think that's true. I think it's more that most people have only ever *tried* the GitHub/GitLab workflow, and have no exposure to email-driven development.

The tinfoil hat guy inside me is not thinking good about Mozilla and Firefox right now...

I started the project yesterday with a database I think it's good enough... So... It's called "simpletask" and it's to manage tasks, but much simpler than other apps (I think, at lease, for myself).

Code will be released when the project reaches a good enough v0.1 and a tiny documentation too.


I'm struggling with a new project because of the database design... And I'm a little bit afraid of releasing as FOSS in a future...


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I take back my sarcastic jabs at @purism, though I stand by my statements against their PIA VPN integration. Packaging up free software under one brand is fine - if they respect the licenses and give credit to the authors. Supporting that software with upstreamed patches and financial contributions would be the classy thing to do.

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