Definetly, after a whole sunday looking at Go webframeworks, I don't know which one to use, since I require a few things for this project...

I might keep using Flask and leave Go for another stuff that isn't web-related...

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Doing a bit of research about Flask or Golang (gin-gonic or aah for a web project), i discovered that there's a dependency injection framework for go called "inject" (

I know there's a couple in Android (Dagger{2/Hilt}, Koin...), but I never thought the possiblity to see one for Go :miku_dab:

I'm trying to decide about using Flask or Go-chi (plus Goview for template rendering) for a project, but I don't find any answer at all :blobastonished:

Facebook Accused of Watching Instagram Users Through Cameras

Now... I'm not saying they _really_ did it, but I'm not surprised at all if Facebook found a way to do it, really.

I'm not going to defend Facebook anytime, because they proved repeatelly they don't give a flying fuck about users.

Until I can setup emacs properly, I'm using VSCodium (in ArchLinux and Mac OSX [yes, I got a Mac]).

The 1.49.0 build is broken in Mac.

The image is the changelog for the 1.49.1.

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Compared to GitHub and GitLab, SourceHut wins by objective measurements in all of these categories:

✓ Free software
✓ Reliability
✓ Performance

One of the things I love about Mastodon/Pleroma is that you can add A BUNCH of blobs as emojis, and they look amazing!

I wish I could add more, I see a lot in other toots :blobmelt:

I found this last week at my favourite comic shop... I didn't know it existed :blobastonished:

English title - Dr. Strange: Damnation 3, Marvel Legacy

How the fuck can Firefox be _so_ slow opening websites?

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remember when people blocked ads because they were annoying and anywhere. now we have to do it just to protect our basic privacy rights from tech giants

Arm co-founder starts ‘Save Arm’ campaign to keep independence amid $40B Nvidia deal

Damn... I was afraid to see this at one point...

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Each time I see an article about anything related to engineering, programming, or whatever topic of your election, full of emojis I want to give the writer a big slap in the face, applying enough force to break the sound barrier.

Facebook to stop moving data from EU to US

Good news! I hope this reaches a consensus in which no data would go to US, and instead, that data is kept in EU.

A tool for comparing 51 different free/open source licenses, created by the EU

Thanks to the user /u/foteller (at reddit)!

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