I've been a few months without Internet getting down for some reason, but I'm going to fix it by using a relé and my Arduino..

It's a nasty hack, but my ISP doesn't offer me a solution and we cannot change from it, so...

As soon as I finish I'll write something in my blog :blobcoffee:

I just finished the Python controller (I plan to try Rust and replicate the same functionality, just for fun), and the Arduino code (very simple).

The next step is to bridge the router adapter and wire it to pass the control to the relay, so I can reset my router cutting the electricity directly (it's the only way).

Again, it's a nasty hack, but the only one I can do. Of course, out of context, this seems to be a little crazy, but in a blogpost I'll explain why I'm making this 🙂

Meanwhile, I have to hold the project until I buy the things I need :blobcoffee:

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