I'm trying to debug an application which I use for listening to my music DSub. The problem is that, with Android Pie, there's something about the application that does not send the metadata to my car and, thus, I cannot see what I'm listening to (I know the songs, but I want to see them in the car's screen).

Also, that means that I cannot start/stop the song because something is not working properly.

I don't want to go to the car each time I have to test it, nor I want to spend time in my car with my laptop testing it and draining the car's battery.

So, do you know if I can simulate something with a Raspberry Pi, or an Arduino, or even using a Mac laptop's bluetooth and turn it into a receiver to see what data is sending the application and, thus, debug it at home?

It sounds bizarre, I know, but I didn't find anything (or I didn't search properly, too).

Thank for the RT if you did it :)

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