There's a brand of sweets in Spain called Juanolas. They're made with licorice (or liquorice) and are pretty awesome.

I recently saw a new ones with peppermint. Holy cow, they're still awesome!

I prefer the classic ones mostly, but those are good too!

I've been a few months without Internet getting down for some reason, but I'm going to fix it by using a relé and my Arduino..

It's a nasty hack, but my ISP doesn't offer me a solution and we cannot change from it, so...

As soon as I finish I'll write something in my blog :blobcoffee:

After looking at videos of people shaving with a safety razor I bought one to try it and see if it's worth it instead of the cartridge razors.

So far, so good, I love it! I have to spend more time while doing it to get a close shave, but otherwise, the experience has been very good!

This razor is a "3 Claveles", a cheap one. I may buy a better one in a future, but for now, I'm happy. The blade is a Personna, it came with the razor.

Also, the shaving soap is a spanish one from a company that exists since decades, and being my first time with shaving soap, I'm happy with it too.

Overall, I prefer this one over the rest of the razors :blobaww:

That's how I see Google

(I don't know the artist, I'm not and am not getting the credit for this)

Aparently, to see emails correctly at K-9 Mail, wrapping has to be done to 72 characters rather than 79 as I actually have...

Thank you, user 🙂



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