@yabirgb Yeah, I never understood that either. I'm more proficient with Java and length/size() are functions, which make 100% sense, but len as a function...

Unpopular opinion:

I prefer Chromium over Firefox.

The problem is Firefox supports Containers (with an API for other add-ons to clean cookies for an specific container, for example) and self-hosting a sync server, and Chromium doesn't.

That's the only reason I'm using Firefox right now.

I'm debating myself if a project needs a bit of maintenance or a full new implementation...

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Holy shit you guys! The #EU has adopted a standard to measure how repairable something is!


This means the path is now clear to make actual laws requiring companies to make their products repairable.

#EN45554 #Repair #RightToRepair

@thibaultamartin It depends if the code/tools will be used for more people (specially if they're not from where I am), I cannot really get it down to 0 or 1...

I have to fix my mouse. The double click is driving me crazy.

Time for the component to arrive: ~1 month being optimistic.

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Did you know that Gmail, Outlook, and many other Big email services think they can read your emails and sell them?

That's why were here to help find some safe alternatives!

1. Runbox
Site: runbox.com/

2. Migadu
Site: migadu.com/

3. Mailbox.org
Site: mailbox.org/

Credits to @sir for helping me on this one!

Hoped you enjoyed and Stay Safe!


I broke my git config, or something, now I cannot sign anything with my GPG key :blobcoffee:

I'm still thinking about going to migadu/runbox/mailbox or maintain my own mailserver...

The only problem I have with using Migadu/Runbox (and I understand the reasoning) is the mail quota. Now, Gmail does have an email quota too, but I've never noticed it until now.

But yeah, moving to a mail provider focused on privacy and security is something I want to do.

@sir Hey Drew, I was looking for a video you make about how you applied patches from the terminal, how you replied to the person in question, and such stuff, but I don't get to find it.

Would it be possible to upload to your PeerTube instance again, please?

What do you do when a project doesn't have a license but you want to update it and do other stuff? You ask for a license!


I just found out that my phone (Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon) doesn't support Galileo GPS (European)... Just because a chip that probably costs a few cents...


@sir I use TT-RSS. I have to try again FreshRSS, but so far so good with TTRSS.

@sir Hey!

I saw you're playing open source games and such, so may I recommend a Worms Armaggedon clone? It's called Hedgewars (hedgewars.org/) and, as far as I know, you can mount a server to play with others 😀

Welp, hello from ArchLinux after a long time :blobaww:

I updated my rant post to include a small deploy guide for the FIrefox Sync Server, and a bit of configuration improvement adding gevent workers.

You can find it here: blog.adol.pw/2020/04/fixing-fi


I've been sleeping ~5 hours a day during the last two weeks... I'm really tired and my brain is like a damn jellyfish...

I don't really know how I survived during college...


I still XFCE, despite the slow updates and such, is a great DE and I intend to go back to ir very soon :blobaww:

I found a fix to update yay in my ArchLinux setup! (I think)

To update yay, and to update pacman to the 5.2: bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.ph

I hope I can try later and see if it works!

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