If anyone knows, I'm looking a book (or blogposts, or whatever) about software engineering, from the idea to the design process, requirements, testing planning and whatever.

Since I don't have much experience in this world, can anyone recommend something to get started? I really appreciate any help 🙂

I need to learn, for instance, how to write tests for my software (at least, unit tests)...

It's something I observed by looking for a job and I don't have any fucking idea on how to do it (mostly on Android, though)...

@emersion Hey, congrats on the opportunity of working of open source software thanks to @sir !

Learning how to debug your software is a bitch, but I think, once you figure it out, everything is easier

Wanna remember the classic blues with a young player?

Then check Christone "Kingfish" Ingram. Man, that kid...


if you like the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and you're a privacy-first individual, you might like to read this kevingrahl.de/article/mi-band-

Pretty well explained 🙂

I recently rediscovered ZZ Top. Man... They're awesome!

I'm considering installing Alpine Linux in my desktop computer as a desktop distro, just for trying a bit.

I run on ArchLinux for over 2 years now, and don't get me wrong, I absolutely love ArchLinux, but I want to try with something more stable , just for fun, I don't know...

@sir Nice! Hope you get the machine running soon!

@sir Oh... It's something, at least, but it's a bit worrying that they do the support like you posted in your blog...

@sn0w I like SrGrafo's webcomics a lot, to be honest

If everything goes as expected:

- I start blogging again.
- I'll have my e-mail at another provider.
- I''ll be more active here.
- I'll do more projects of mine.

And everything before the end of 2019... Who knows :breadthink:

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Petition to add "mixed tabs and spaces" to the list of war crimes in the geneva convention

@sir It is mailbox.org, in fact, but I didn't setup my own domain yet, I'm working on it

I'm migrating my email from Gmail to another provider with a strong privacy commitment and protections, and based in Europe.

I'm testing the platform, but so far, it's like I've never been in Gmail 🙂

If everything goes good, I'll have my email with my custom domain, so I'll be writing more in @sir lists.sr.ht 🙂

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