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@leo I'd love to learn org, but it's not a priority right now. I have a friend who is very, very proficient in it and docs look really good!

So @fdroidorg chooses to not stay neutral anymore... Good to know.

I almost lose 760GB of data yesterday because I didn't do a correct step... Luckly I got my data back, but I *must* be careful next time... Also, make backups :breadthink:

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I want to write something in my blog, but I don't know about what... This is very frustrating :blobastonished:

@leo Oh, yes, services I have syncing in my mobile were complaining this morning... And I don't know why, I automated the renewal of my certs long time ago... It failed to renew them...

Well, they're renewed already, thank you for noticing it! :blobaww:

A few days ago I disconvered Volkor X as a synthwave music artist...

Go and listen to this song!

Libra will be integrated into WhatsApp... So... In that moment, I'm going to close my WhatsApp account forever.

@sir Oh, perfect, thank you for the clarification! 🙂

I discovered Hugh Laurie is a really good blues-man... You should do yourself a favor and listen to him!

@minus @sir But... Uhm... This image says the opposite... That's why I was asking...

@sir Where are the list of features unpaid users aren't able to use?

@yabirgb Nice one! I'm starting to getting interested in the blockchain tech, so... I hope you can publish something out of your degree project!

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