Libra will be integrated into WhatsApp... So... In that moment, I'm going to close my WhatsApp account forever.

@sir Oh, perfect, thank you for the clarification! 🙂

I discovered Hugh Laurie is a really good blues-man... You should do yourself a favor and listen to him!

@minus @sir But... Uhm... This image says the opposite... That's why I was asking...

@sir Where are the list of features unpaid users aren't able to use?

@yabirgb Nice one! I'm starting to getting interested in the blockchain tech, so... I hope you can publish something out of your degree project!

I'm going to read the paper years after its publication... Because yes.

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Someone said to me today that most people "prefer" the GitHub/GitLab/etc pull request workflow over email. I don't think that's true. I think it's more that most people have only ever *tried* the GitHub/GitLab workflow, and have no exposure to email-driven development.

@Wolf480pl oh... I see...

Thank you for the clarification 😊

@Wolf480pl Beg you pardon? How didn't I know about this before? :blobaww:

@i2p it could be awesome if a guide on how to install one of this proxies is available from the i2p forums or something, or routing the traffic from the clearnet to i2p and then to the clearnet again


The tinfoil hat guy inside me is not thinking good about Mozilla and Firefox right now...

I started the project yesterday with a database I think it's good enough... So... It's called "simpletask" and it's to manage tasks, but much simpler than other apps (I think, at lease, for myself).

Code will be released when the project reaches a good enough v0.1 and a tiny documentation too.


@infosechandbook This is pretty shitty and I'm getting tired of Mozilla's stupidity...

@sn0w Oh, I see... Here at Spain we have a common law passed and such problem doesn't exists (as far as I know)

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