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I didn't touch Android Studio and Android development so much, but Android Studio 3.4 looks amazing!

I'd love to see USB-C extended nowadays to almost every device :blobcoffee:

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I'm very close to finish it... A good and fresh configuration for emacs to use as my main editor :blobaww:

I'm doing my emacs config again (just finishing it) because of... stuff...

Also I like emacs and would like to use it often, so weekends are the perfect days to spend a couple of hours setting up everything :blobcoffee:

Glad Mastodon has the "Mute" button, I'm so fucking tired of politicizing everything and trying to force people to comply with stupid stuff

I saw and it's a really good start to get started sending patches via e-mail and start contributing!

Thank you, @sir and the rest of the people who made this possible!

Welp... The bug I was going to report (or maybe try to make a fix) is already fixed in the new @Tusky version, so thank you, devs! :blobaww:

Maybe... I detected a bug in an application I use daily. I think I need to get my laptop along my car and test the application to see the logcat, because I need the BT connection in order to debug it...

If I fix it, maybe I'm starting maintaining this software, because it's a bit old and I want to contribute to an open source software once and for all... I'm not very skilled, but sure I'm not going to be if I don't do something :blobcoffee:

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AMP shouldn't exist.

Google had to force restrictions on sites to optimize themselves. Because the sites turn into bloated piles of garbage littered with ads if they can.

If people were sensible about their sites and optimized them for user experience instead of "how many ads and pop ups can we cram in while still achieving at least 50% visitor retention", then AMP would be unnecessary.

AMP helps, but it shouldn't need to in the first place. And it definitely doesn't need to be in my E-mail. AMP is just a bunch of artificial limits and policies controlled by google and the sheer fact they exist shows how most sites have failed at doing something as basic as delivering content.

I'm really pissed off with the latest update of Telegram and I want to write something in my blog about it :blobangery:

I hope it's an April's fool joke or something, otherwise I'll publish the blog post the next week...

@ConnyDuck Do you accept bug reports for Tusky from an user with a custom rom installed in the phone? I'm asking for myself :breadthink:

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Slides are now up too, which go into the solution for aligned ROP gadget reduction for intentional return instructions, or RETGUARD, in a little bit in-depth discussion than the paper. With some very useful examples to help grok. :flan_cool:

The source code of Nesticle, a NES emulator, has been leaked by a person who is not the dev. I quote the tweets:

Today I have released the source code to a very old Nintendo NES emulator, Nesticle. This source code has been lost for 20 years. It was originally leaked by a software pirate and computer enthusiast named Donald Moore. He went by the name "MindRape" online.

MindRape mounted Kronk/Sardu's hard drive using a program called Samba and stole all of his source code from his drives. He then released these throughout the IRC chat on EFnet.

This caused Sardu to leave the emulation scene and never come back due to the greediness of the public. You can download the original source files here.

We also have a YouTube video that will be coming up. This video will show the entire history of the emulator and everything that went on behind the scenes.

Here's the original thread:

I'm not sure if I found a bug in @Tusky or it's just a bug in my rom... :breadthink:

I installed Android Pie in my Redmi Note 4 (AOSP, of course) with MicroG. So far, the experience has been really good, although there's some stuff that requires fixing, but... :blobcoffee:

After looking at videos of people shaving with a safety razor I bought one to try it and see if it's worth it instead of the cartridge razors.

So far, so good, I love it! I have to spend more time while doing it to get a close shave, but otherwise, the experience has been very good!

This razor is a "3 Claveles", a cheap one. I may buy a better one in a future, but for now, I'm happy. The blade is a Personna, it came with the razor.

Also, the shaving soap is a spanish one from a company that exists since decades, and being my first time with shaving soap, I'm happy with it too.

Overall, I prefer this one over the rest of the razors :blobaww:

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