tried to let a cute bug out my car but the auto-all-the-way feature of the window meant it got squished 😭

this network is blow jobs use supernets today

@kaniini are fediverse clients the new RSS Reader demo application?

hey guys remember that overly aggressive 2am chili meme?

Also the frozen soap shit?

wen day is dark

alway rember

i = 0x5f3759df - ( i >> 1 ); // what the fuck?

did nobodies parents ever teach "if you don't want it online forever, don't post it"?

This is absolutely brilliant. 😃

The Rumour Poem
Andy Stewart

Along the way he recites in many Scottish accents (and also Belfast one for good measure).

#Scottish #poetry #Scotland #AndyStewart

oh no i got up too early

work doesn't start for 40 mins and i have nothing to do

I think this result is relatively aligned with my self image and reflects what others think of me.

The in-depth results could well get me stoned here, though.

Tell me the least interesting fact about yourself.

My ex called me today after the recent song exchanges we've had. Apparently we both still have feelings for each other, which is interesting. She's still miles away in another country and she's still dating my friend and it's not really weird but I don't know how to feel, either. :blob_pensive:

guess who just blasted their neck at the gym and is now limited to rolling around in bed really slowly to keep the pain below 7/10 Show more

why the fuck would you send this song to your ex? Show more

when the porn ban comes in there will be undercover MI5 agents on masto making sure no british citizens have faved a picture of hog

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