Went shooting with the gf today, was pretty fun and nice to be able to do it with her rather than just on my own for once!

@kline Basically from what I can tell Cloudflare just want to offload storing snapshots of the sites they sit between. And archive.org went along with it because it means they don't have to use the less consistent crawling method to archive webpages.

i have good news, everyone:

alie brosh of hyperbole and a half fame has not only returned, but with a vengeance, and is now published in the new yorker.

the story is about a poop mystery newyorker.com/humor/daily-shou

the preview is, incidentally, my favourite panel of it

The best thing about baneposting was that it birthed a porno.

Some people talk about meme magic and the cultural implications in getting Trump elected, but he will be here and gone in at most 8 years.

That skin flick? Eternal.

based? based on what? Debian, most likely.

If you're about 180cm/5'11" and run 13kmh/8mph, this is a nice track that might hit your stride:


I wonder how much energy in exercise is breathing effort.

It often feels like my chest and diaphragm get tired before my legs do, and I wonder if the limiting factor in my legs getting tired is simply not having enough air to fuel them.

Overheard: "It's not a gantt chart, it's an agile delivery timeline."
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