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Some people I know and I had a really big chat about where IRC is and could be heading. Please at-me if:

1) You use Matrix, Slack, or Discord, with what they give you over IRC that are show-stoppers

2) You use IRC, with what pain-points IRC gives you, what you envy in other clients/protocols, and what you'd like to see an improved IRC offer

just spent 35 seconds or so fighting the bathroom lock needlessy - no one else lives here :thaenkin:

Solving a problem poorly.

1. Deny the problem. Reject solutions. Stall.

2. Wait for a crisis.

3. Implement worst available solution. We don't have time to argue about better solutions. We're in a crisis.

4. Reject better solutions. We already have a solution, what more could you want?

oh fug just embarrassed myself in front of my boss, my bosses boss, and my bosses old boss lmoa 😂 😂 😂

*mastodon user voice* while i understand the function of callouts and other self-regulation processes within leftist communities, and i am as much of a slut for drama as anyone else, i cant shake the nagging fear at the back of my mind that ill one day post something unwoke and all my friends will cut ties with me out of nowhere

the most famous landmark in all Belgium is a lad pissing. thats how you know it's a epic country

Someone made a post here about trying to buy his girlfriend lingerie in Anne Summers but I can't find it now.

If you've seen it or anything can you let me know?

I think that most people, when given encouragement and opportunities to be nice, will be nice, and I think when given encouragement and opportunities to be mean they will be mean. Very few people are inherently nice or mean, I think.

Just got the keys to my new flat, feels weird to be living abroad "properly" now!

Its not that I'm comfortable with being weird, its that I'm uncomfortable with being not-weird

There's a blonde bot but where's the redhead bot

Given that my shower door swung away from me and then twatted me in the face, I can only assume the boat has departed 20 mins early

Also 50 something Dutch man very openly watching softcore porn in the lounge WiFi zone lmao

Edinburgh is so fucking overcrowded with tourists :WakeUpInside:

Has anyone ever seen Frankie Boyle and @balrogboogie in a room, at the same time?

No, didn't think so.


If any Scottish/Edinburgh people want to show @igeljaeger around, it was nice seeing him in Glasgow.

The highlight was, after telling him how disgusting they are, watching him try to choke down a pizza crunch.

He was very polite about my terrible taste in food, though.

Ok any other Scots wanna meet too? It's worth it I'm amazing :uguuMa:
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