Imagine if instead of pushing out like 10cm of dumb facial hair a day, your body used that protein to just make muscles

@tyil: ShadowM00n Fediverse update:

Browsing /vg/ by moonlight,
Writing Perl by daylight,
But never posting on this website,
He is the one named ShadowM00n!

He can iterate and recurse,
But he still won't join the Fediverse;
It's not perfect, but hey, Twitter's a lot worse!
He is the one named ShadowM00n!

With federation all so new to him,
He is the one named
Screencap from the anime Sailor…
godwin's law except for poettering and systemd


Just found this old meme in my download folder as I was cleaning it out. I haven't stopped laughing for a few minutes now.

#meme #joke #humor #humour #jokes #funny #antifa #fascism

did yall know wikipedia pages on birds write out the sound of birds calls because i didnt

steam is discontinuing the Controller it seems, so they're fireselling them at $5 a pop.

FOSS drivers in linux already so you don't have to worry about them stopping working next month or whatever.

Boost for your friends to get in on some cool HID devices.

well this is a #startrek meme that absolutely has to be on mastodon

cw'd for eye contact

By far the best thing about my parents visiting me in Belgium is my dad being entirely unable to suppress his English habit of proudly yelling "MER SEE" at any individual he has any kind of interaction, no matter how fleeting, despite being in the Dutch speaking region the whole time.

Alright, just got a chance to watch the HL:A trailer, and I think it's going to be a nightmare.

If nothing else, it being VR means that it's basically inaccessible to me - I feel shit after 15 mins and it's intolerable after 30.1

Valve just announced the next Half Life and it's just a fucking VR gimmick to sell more headsets.

Fuck me.

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