I invite ALL federation developers to hop into #social on irc.w3.org for conversations around the social Web. It's where a few discussions on #ActivityPub discussions occur.

I know that we have socialhub.network/ for this as well and I encourage the devs to use these places in conjunction to this one for conversations for historical and open discussion reasons.

inb4 "eww IRC"

a lot of the development of software in general happens over IRC or e-mail and it's been working amazingly well for decades

IRC for software dev?

That's a new one for me; please elaborate.


@rick_777 @jalcine freenode hosts 50k channels and 85k users, and is primarily based on supporting free and open source software and other peer directed projects. Running in some form since 93, IRC for software dev is doing pretty well, and you're invited to join us.

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