Is it Unix Philosophy to create a domain-specific environment mimicking Unix but living inside a single Unix program?

IOW, if I make a tool that allows you to define various pipelines composed of various filters within the tool, is it still The Unix Way?

There are a few tools like that already, eg. jq, ffmpeg, gstreamer.

@kline @Wolf480pl oh, I think there is, and it's called "get shit done"


@rnxpyke @Wolf480pl you seem to be unaware of the past five years of linux religious doctrine

@kline @Wolf480pl what has linux stuff to do with the UNIX philosophy tho?

@kline @Wolf480pl I don't really see the argument here. You say there is no unix philosophy. I say there is, and your answer to that is "but systemd and my unix philosophy"...
So to support your claim that there is no unix philosphy you use the fact that there is one?

@rnxpyke @Wolf480pl I'm saying that "Unix Philosophy" is just an empty shell that many people use as a non-sequitur to mean "whatever my strongly held but dubiously implemented beliefs are".

It's different to everyone, it's not a rationalised, agreed upon phrase, and just about every definition is massively ignored in any way that you slice the userbase of unix-like systems.

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