Is it Unix Philosophy to create a domain-specific environment mimicking Unix but living inside a single Unix program?

IOW, if I make a tool that allows you to define various pipelines composed of various filters within the tool, is it still The Unix Way?

There are a few tools like that already, eg. jq, ffmpeg, gstreamer.

I think there is, and at the very least it includes the Do One Thing And Do It Well rule.

@Wolf480pl well, someone needs to tell @rnxpyke that because they think it's "get shit done".

Also, if you want your system to be unix philosophy, you need to bin bash - it's a (bad) shell, a (bad) system automation tool, and a (bad) foundation for an init system.

@kline @Wolf480pl the "get shit done" as a summary of the "do one thing well" together with "write stuff that works together" idea.
To explian: As Bell labs, who could control the design of the whole system, it's way easier to reuse tools already produced. The consequence of targeting (fast) working software where in turn using the existing interface, namely bytestreams and pipes.


@rnxpyke @Wolf480pl (hold on, are we now defining unix philosophy as "text and pipes"?)

@kline @Wolf480pl well, it's basically you that linked this:

Third link in the systemd criticism paragraph

@rnxpyke @Wolf480pl I can acknowledge that the phrase "unix philopshy" exists, but that doesn't make it a rationalised system of beliefs and practices.

The page linked is just one such group of ideas touted as "The" (a) unix philosophy.

There is no "The Unix Philosophy", just some of many different philosophies that people label so in order to add cultural sugar to their arguments. It's insubstantive.

@kline @Wolf480pl See my other reply. An Idea doesnt have to be rationalised or be practitioned to make its definition well known and agreed upon.

@kline @Wolf480pl To add to that: An Idea/Concept *exists* as soon as it's defined.

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