steam is discontinuing the Controller it seems, so they're fireselling them at $5 a pop.

FOSS drivers in linux already so you don't have to worry about them stopping working next month or whatever.

Boost for your friends to get in on some cool HID devices.

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@kline got mine 2 years ago when they were selling the controller for 10 euro (with a game). Refunded the game and got the controller for free lol
@kline that'd be nice if i didnt already have a logitech controller

@kline god, i hope they bring it back for no explicable reason, i loved it even though it was weird

@kline Just be aware that they want to charge the listed $8 shipping on *each* controller.

I had 3 in my cart. "Estimated shipping: $7.99". Which turned into $23.97 at checkout. :flan_eyes_narrowed:​

@kurtm yeah turns out that a digital store doesn't handle shipping hard product very well, whodathunk.

The other thing is that in some places, the cost:shipping ratio is really ugly - the actual hardware for me is only 1/3rd of the total cost - BUT - that's just because the cost is so low. It's symptomatic of what I think is an unusually good deal.

Wish I could have got two in the same shipping cost, though.

@kline Plus $7.99 shipping and handling, but still worth it. I also note it's limited to one, at least per transaction. Presumably to prevent resellers from scooping them up.

@freakazoid nah, it's just because the store doesn't really handle non-digital items well.

In a space where it doesn't make sense to buy the same guy twice for a persistent library, buying multiples of an SKU is an outlier. Doubly so when it's hardware - they don't have any capability to combine packages so each one will get a new shipping fee.

It's always been this way for hardware on the store.

@kline Gosh, maybe that has something to do with why they're needing to discontinue the controller?

@freakazoid why? They cover the overheads by charging "extra" shipping. If the sale is profitable for a single shipped unit, it'll be profitable for any multiple of those.

I think it's more to do with steam doubling down on VR.

@kline Because if I try to order a pair of controllers and can't get two of them in my cart, I'm liable to go order a pair of XBox One controllers on Amazon instead.

@kline The VR thing is pretty interesting, though, given that it was just seeming like VR was running into some pretty significant speedbumps. High Fidelity has pulled back from VR and Linden Lab has scaled back effort on Sansar, which is pretty VR-focused, across the board. Then suddenly there's leak about a VR (and eventually AR) headset from Apple and Valve starts going all-in on VR. I'm not sure if they know something others don't or if they're late to a party that's already winding down.

@kline Oh and let's not forget Google sunsetting Daydream, though that doesn't say much since they're much better at killing products than creating them.

@kline I already have a Dualshock 4, which does most of the things the Steam Controller does. Also, it doesn't ship to my country. Still it's an interesting device.

@kline oh nice a combo controller/mouse for when I want to watch a movie on the couch

@oct2pus i just wanna be able to drive my laptop from underneath the covers now it's winter, y'know?

@kline i just bought this compulsively and am not totally sure what it is

@maya i know exactly what it is and i still bought it on impulse and tbh not really for any good reason

probs not a wise choice when my actual laptop is about to need replaced

@kline I... I don't even have a PC

(though in fairness I was already planning to get one for ooblets)

@kline honestly between that and new animal crossing 2020 is bright

unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an order option here in Norway. Probably for the better, as I shouldn't really be spending money on these kinds of things anyway.

@liaizon @alcinnz my old flatmate had an early model, a few years back. I remember liking it then, but it's been a while. Flip side: hardware/firmware revisions over time probably improved it.

@kline just ordered two (one for me and one for my sister), was 13 bucks each including shipping for me in the usa but that's still a steal lol.

@kline I have one of these but tbh it's not amazing

@kline they don't ship to Canada 😭😭😭

I will get my American friend to get one 😤😤😤

@kline Thanks for the hint (also @aearil ) I always wanted to try it out!

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