Some absolute schmuck is trying to scoop more private keys into the cloud, what a raging cunt.

If you want to be taken seriously by people to take security seriously, don't ask them to give you their private key.

taking the absolute cake is "Many Keybase users are now looking for alternatives as a result, primarily due to a lack of trust", but please upload your most sensitive of sensitive into an unknown provider with closed source after I scraped your email.

If anyone knows Ryan Lester / Cyph's social media, please forward this thread to him because they're absolutely retarded and they need to know.

@kline his email address is right there, is that insufficient?

@wowaname one person saying "this is a bad idea" is routine for startups.

Infosec twitter public shaming might work.

@kline or, his inbox filled with "this is a bad idea" :honk:

@wowaname I'm ok with people emailing him, but indications are it's a customer support platform, so a lot might just get instantly filtered away.

@kline Oh I got that one too.
One of my favorite parts is the P.S., as the mail was sent via sendgrid

@val yeah, mine had no mailer agent, but it did have the X-Feedback-ID header, which is what gmail says you need for high-volume campaigns.

Emails since have been sent via freshdesk.

@kline Those keys are called PRIVATE for a reason. Treat them like other private things, that is don't share them with anyone you wouldn't be happy to exchange dick pics with.

@mansr @kline what if we're sharing other people's dick pics :kumikosmug:
@wowaname @mansr @kline well, you can share other people's private keys :blobcat3c:



I offer a new service:


{Priv keys as a service}

Also ^^^free^^^ bonus:

{Session keys as a service}

Description: you want send a file @securely@ ??? No problem! We generate random (&guaranteed!!!&) session key for you and send in password-protected secure [sic] ZIP !!! Your Satisfaction our Priority !!!

@kline I got the same email about a month ago, told him roughly the same thing and didn't hear back. I don't think they care.

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