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seems like md is weird, I meant this:
# dependencies: a b c ...

@sir I saw in many of your scripts in your dotfiles you have `# dependecies ... ` a la modeline. I was wondering, is that some sort of accepted format, or just your own idea? are there programs that parse does already?
I was thinking of making one, that could possibly be used for too to have the syntax highlighting follow (vim) modelines for manually setting the syntax language for files with no extension, and also to have something that can recursively check a given folder for all deps required (eg in dotfiles).

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> Can somebody make thick laptops trendy?

Also, small phones.

Why have we, as a society, seemingly converged on big phones and small laptops? It's like we're *aiming* for the awkward not-quite-big-enough-to-be-useful-or-small-enough-to-be-handy middle ground!

So I'm building a simple pastebin, obviously I want to keep it simple and not have accounts, but I also want to be able to update bins, so I made it that if you resubmit with the same id it overwrites... So now anyone can overwrite any bin cuz the id is what you use to share and fetch the bin :facepalm:...

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Fuck the mainland government, actual Nazis of our generation. White power groups are fucking small-time. I stand with Hong Kong. Tell your own government so if you feel the same way. Not CW'd because it's your responsibility to know about and act on this problem.


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