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Any pixel or 3D graphics artists around wanting to do the graphics for the upcoming TiTAN+K2 Nintendo DS demo at Nordlicht?

Our Artists In Residence are currently Busy With Life after being a bit unresponsive, and thus really need your help!

If you're interested, please contact us at #titandemo on EFnet (webchat: kiwiirc.com/nextclient/irc.ine )

One detail... the compo deadline is next weekend. (Friday 19 evening/Saturday 20 morning)

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Ahahahaha the fiber internet that I MADE HAPPEN for my entire building is finally up and running! I can quit the ISP that I had to report to the attorney general for selling higher speeds than they could provide.

I'm getting a huge insurance claim paid!

Everything coming up Milhouse!

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I've been working on an automatically generated EDID library [1] based on kaitai [2]. Still wondering whether it's a good idea.

Anyone knows about other generators for binary formats?

[1]: gitlab.freedesktop.org/emersio
[2]: kaitai.io/

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@Wolf480pl even musl uses __attribute__ throughout. Where can __attribute__ go in the EBNF? Who fucking knows!

@absturztaube Your website is evil. I can't close it because it plays a nice Module in a loop :<

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marketing guy: "we need teaser images in our articles. and they have to be big as eyecatcher"

2019's web designer: "cool, lets make it fancy and really big"

Screenshot from 2019-07-01 09-4…

Move by NAGI☆ feat. 舞花 from Rebirth Story III

Does anyone have an idea how to tickle button presses, etc out of a Behringer X-Touch (Mini) [1]? I was gonna use it to control PulseAudio if I could get it working.

Linux detects it and loads the MIDI driver and exposes the device as /dev/midi3, but tailing that I get nothing. Neither in standard mode nor in Mackie Control (MC) mode.

[1] behringer.com/Categories/Behri

Looks like Google fixed the "problem" of the recaptcha solver Buster [1]. How? By disabling the audio captcha. Good luck to anyone depending on the audio version.

> Your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now.

[1] github.com/dessant/buster

Time to hook up MIDI and PulseAudio!

Gettings this for setting per-application volume and maybe also screen brightness thomann.de/de/behringer_x_touc

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Little piece of git rebase advice occurs to me

Say you're working on a feature that touches 3 modules, and you've written a bunch of commits during your work that all touch a mix of the affected modules in each commit. When it comes time to rebase, you want to get one commit per module. In git rebase -i, choose the "e" option for any commits affecting multiple modules, then git reset HEAD^ to undo that commit and update the working directory. Use git add -p to add only the hunks affecting module A, then commit it. Rinse & repeat for other modules, then git rebase --continue until you're done.

Then git rebase -i again, reorder the commits to group them by module, and squash/fixup to your heart's content.

Still waiting for a CVE-2019-11477 PoC to pop up

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RT @boundborg@twitter.com
Patentzeichnung des gerollten Toilettenpapiers von 1892.
Hier wird gezeigt, wie die Rolle hängt.


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"Software below the poverty line" by André Staltz staltz.com/software-below-the-

This is a pretty eye-opening and damning piece. There's so much money sloshing around in our industry, but not a lot of it is going to our open-source commons.

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Eine Einführung einer Kersosinsteuer auf EU-Ebene muss in der Europäischen Kommission behandelt werden sobald diese Petition 1 Millionen Unterschriften erreicht. - Bitte Unterschreibt! #FridaysForFuture #Klimakrise
#Piraten endingaviationfueltaxexemption

List of programming languages that did imports right (incomplete): Python, Java, Go

Should the main function in a C (or anything else really) be at the top so that whoever starts reading the file knows where to start reading?

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