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WE HAVE QOBE. i now have wireframe ready and am lost on what to do to make it interactive

i guess i can implement backface culling and shading :)))

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Save yourself some trouble and DO NOT USE DisplayPort MST. It's the most unreliable shit on AMD cards. I don't recall it being such a pain in the butt on Intel.

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โš ๏ธ PSA to all Germans โš ๏ธ

Starting tomorrow, Telekom and Telefonica will hand over your phone's movement data to the government and other authorities.

It is opt-out, not opt-in!

Deactivate ASAP.

Telekom: optout-service.telekom-dienste

O2: telefonica.de/dap/selbst-entsc

specific case: ctrl-f in firefox while loading a page: search window doesn't open straight away and key presses get sent to the page (in this case vimium which then did bullshit)

it's fine if apps don't react to keyboard input right away sometimes, but *do not eat some of my key presses and interpret the rest of them out of context*

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cloudflare: man in the middle attacks as a service

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hey chibitech has a new single out and you should listen to it because it's good


TIL about VRF on Linux: it allows you to bind processes or sockets to devices which in turn have their own routing table. Per-process routing that does not rely on iptables hacks (fwmark) or running the process in a separate netns.

Thanks, @kaniini

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I think most importantly, I want to see the internet transition from a network of a few corporate giants to a network of thousands of small, well-connected organizations. Rather than sustainability via multibillion dollar corporation budgets, sustainablity via grassroots user-funded sources and low operational expenses. Cooperation over competition.

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After experiencing sending simple git patches by email to GNU Guix, whenever I think of contributing to a project on GitHub or GitLab I feel like it's a major downgrade. No, I certainly don't need an account to contribute. I don't want to clone the repo to my account and then send a pull request. I want to send a simple patch. It's just email.

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I have too much storage but nothing to put on it

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Q: If we instituted Universal Basic Income, who would clean the toilets?

A: Highly paid professionals.

Q: How highly paid?

A: The market will decide, but you can get an upper bound by thinking of how much you'd have to be paid to quit your job and switch to cleaning toilets.

Q: That's quite a lot. Wouldn't that result in a drain from other jobs?

A: It would mostly attract people strongly motivated by money. Draining the jobs mainly occupied by people like that sounds like an improvement.

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#PlasmaMobile by @kde update for week 11 and 12: Application updates including repeating events in Calindori, UI improvements in Okular, Provider configuration in the Ktrip, #KdeNeon image for @PINE64 #PinePhone

Read more at : plasma-mobile.org/2019/12/20/P

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