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This bookcase should tell you everything you need to know about me

For the visually impaired: the first shelf is full of tea and has a rainbow chocolate bar
The second shelf is French/Language books and fiction from Le Guin and Camus, plus some cassettes
The bottom shelf is all textbooks, most math but some cs and physics
And on the top is an electric kettle ^w^

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Moi dès que je dis quelque chose en français

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C protip of the day:
Tired of having pointers that lay around in your functions that /anyone/ can dereference to get your data?!

use the `--->` operator for one-time use struct pointers!

Try it out!
struct foo {
int a;
int main() {
struct foo *bar = malloc(sizeof(struct foo));
bar--->a = 5; // ok
printf("%d", bar--->a); // Data changed!
return 0;

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Disjoint hitbox? What disjoint hitbox? :blobowo:

Me: we have reached peak French illiteracy
US: these are baby errors, watch this

how come every time I want to show the fedi to my friends to convince them to join one of y'all gets horny

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Privacy, Google, boosts welcome Show more

album: finished
race conditions: fixed

jazz is debugging race condition music

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> is called sir hat

whaa, I've been pronouncing it wrong all this time

I wonder if I should put down "vim macro generated code" in front of this so people don't read my 50 line switch statement

Tbh I can't believe this is the price some people pay for autocomplete

Also, no. This isn't a one time thing
It happened before and froze my desktop

Here's a great IDE feature: after idea eats all my ram, it gets into a weird state where all it wants to do is open a website called "IDEA editor basics"

Then, once the swapper has done it's job and my computer is running again, it tries to open hundreds of Firefox windows on how to use an IDE...

Luckily today I was quick enough to notice it and I killed the X server, xdg-open and my IDE. Barely avoided catastrophe XwX

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postgresql more like posh grep sequel

me, tired and on my school-required windows computer: wheres the terminal i need to turn it off

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lewd :sm1:​​:sm2:​​:sm3:​​:sm4:​

idea: A way to guard things that they wouldn't be included in version control
int main() {
/* ---IGNORE--- */
/* ---END_IGNORE--- */

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