lmao. reading perldoc and it has "is perl Y2K compliant??"

tired: mastofe
wired: pleromafe
inspired: cofe

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Händel is going to give me carpal tunnel

blah, this song's ornaments make my hand hurt

just found some code with 13 lines of indentation,,
why have we been cursed so

i am so glad i was not paying attention during this lecture. i would have died

they are using terrible nonstandard acronyms for paging too!!

"paging is just when the physical memory is a cache for actual memory"
"in this case, a «cache miss» is called a page fault"


mastodon: for shitposting
pleroma: for flirting

ok actually im doing a little better. got a 2:39 in chapter 2

@solidsanek how do i not suck at speedrunning celeste, send help ;_;

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also why do npm packages ask me for money when i just install them ;~;

>putting your twitter handle in a foss repository

is this javascript culture :thaenkin:

imagine pounce but more comfy and less of a sadposter

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