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tfw still no polls
what is this, pleroma

ugh, tried to start up minecraft but its not working at all

wow i cant wait for this computer to update and fix the firefox plugin bug
i can't believe all the ads that are on websites

yay! i might have wifi problems in my house solved finally

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the real millennial / zoomer divide is whether you grew up watching homestar or homestuck

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now you may be looking at my love that I offer you, and you— possessed, as you are, of a healthy skepticism— may be saying to yourself, "alright, but what's the catch?"

me. the catch is me. I'm a catch

tfw all my friends are out doing really cool stuff for the summer and im here wasting air

ok lets stop practicing celeste techs before i get carpal tunnel

@solidsanek so i wanted to see what an any% in Celeste feels like, but since i only have practiced the first three chapters i did those

i got p much 14 minutes for the first three chapters and intro, but chapter 3 was kind of a disaster

what sort of pace is that

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ive been here for over a year do i give myself a display name? :thaenkin:

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*sees a cute avatar maker* my brain: NO, GO TO BED YOU FOOL

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hmm i wonder what i could do for a significant project in haskell

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