icon caption for the replied 

@pounce i can just picture some boomer saying "well whats gonna happen next is that math will tell us 2 + 2 equals a frilly-looking man with a rainbow dildo suction-cupped to his head.

@pounce description: multiple emblems with hand in the middle using math symbols to make slogans like "mathematicians for unity". Looks super rad

@charlag yeah I created an image description toot outside of this (because the description is too big) but it's probably not federating :<

@mjog I've been looking for this myself (a friend showed it to me)
The best I could find was zazzle.com/mathforequality which seems to be the creator's official site
If you want to print it out, I just found their birdsite and it looks like they have a full size image there:

@pounce Oh sweet, thanks! Totally gonna pin them up around campus. :)

Good idea! I might put some in my math building

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