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Drew DeVault @sir

"Upgraded" from Bootstrap v4.0.0-alpha.6 to v4.0.0-beta, then downgraded and filed complaints on GitHub within 10 minutes.

Hunkering down in a McDonalds within totality, it's pretty cloudy...


@marymary017 今日はするが何ですか?

@marymary017 アメリカでおやすみなさい

Kansas City is a weird airport

@Michcioperz you can compile a custom version of ffmpeg with only what you need enabled if you prefer.

@Michcioperz you shouldn't want to. ffmpeg is amazing.

@Michcioperz libav devs can stuff it, fuck them

@Michcioperz not any time soon. ffmpeg is awesome.

Any UI design enthusiasts around here?

@noiseofstudio I don't really like Babymetal. 2hu music is a gift from the gods, though

Shilling my buddy's radio streamer, which now runs our little internet radio: github.com/Luminarys/kawa

@noiseofstudio I'd rather ease them into it... a little ZAQ, 3L, etc

It's a good thing my headphones aren't leaky or my coworkers would hear all of the trashy moe songs I listen to

Heh, `torify mpv <soundcloud url>` works. They're IP blocking but still allow tor exit nodes through?