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Copying ain't stealing,
sure as I'm breathing,
information wants to be free.

The mafia wants us to believe
youtube-dl was made for thieves.
In fact,
it was made for human beings.

We might listen to your pleas,
once you respect our machines,
they belong to us - not you.

Your drivers are mean,
your blobs illicit,
the hardware complicit,
and yet--
it's never stopped piracy.

The real caper is your crimes.
The theft of OUR public domain.
DMCA abuse, attacks on fair use.
Net neutrality and regulatory capture.

Sell it to us fair and square,
your terms are too much to bear,
and until you're playing fair,
fuck off!

Yo ho, yo ho. A pirate's life for me!

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For the record, I was never banned from Twitter. They suspended my account because someone scooped it up after I left the platform and used it for spam.

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Rust doesn't have a specification
Therefore all Rust code is undefined behavior
Therefore Rust has more undefined behavior than C
Therefore Rust < C
Checkmate athiests

Celeste is one of the best games ever made

Er, correction:
+1 x86_64
+1 arm64
+1 OpenRISC1k

+0 Rust support
+1 C support

Fun fact: Rust runs on 2 of these, and "runs" on two more, and ""runs"" on another.

C runs on all of them.

List of CPU architectures represented at my workstation:
- z80 (x4)
- x86_64 (x3)
- arm64 (x2)
- riscv32 (x2)
- riscv64 (x1)
- m68k (x1)
- armv7 (x1)

At the moment it's because I am ass deep in debugging the segment allocator code in this kernel

Sometimes I get a brief and total glimpse at the true depths of systems code atop which my application software runs

Is recursion supposed to be difficult? I don't get how someone would not get it.

In Plan 9, ps(1) can be used to list active network connections, and it was never told how to

dtrace is the epitome of printf debugging and acid is the epitome of intrusive debugging

In Plan 9, the same idea is used to support both containers and VPNs, and it knows of neither

Does anyone have something nice to say about so I can add their testimonial to

Web browsers fucking suck so much holy shit

It's dangerous, how often I realize that I have all of the ingredients to make cookies

Just pushed the last TODO for API 2.0 🎉 and's GraphQL APIs now have feature parity with the REST APIs

This is a good example of what I mean when I prioritize robustness in programming:

Follow this code and see how each possible error is accounted for and how the state of the system is always kept consistent under all known conditions

And also make a handful of stock variables for errors and stick them in your module so that I can test for expected error conditions without string munging heuristics

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