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Drew DeVault @sir

@abdelq that's beside the point. Distros provide their own kernels and infra providers should just use that. Same usability upfront

@hergertme @theoutrider hey man, you came to me. And then you said that your ability to do quadratic equations makes you a good programmer.

@hergertme @theoutrider what the hell does that even mean? You know the best systems *reduce* the number of moving parts, a lesson that all of your pursuits could stand to learn from.

@hergertme @theoutrider in your GNOME/RedHat/MongoDB/Mono social sphere that somehow doesn't surprise me.

This is how the builds.sr.ht tools currently work:

# spin up a VM with SSH on port 2222
./control archlinux boot 2222

# SSH into it
./control archlinux ssh 2222

# Destroy it
./control archlinux cleanup 2222

Works with not-Linux guests too

It'd be pretty easy to adapt the tools I've made for builds.sr.ht to make a generic tool for managing ephemeral VMs. Would anyone be interested in such a tool? Basically a command that spins up a VM on the fly that gets torn down when it's shut off (or rather, keps disk changes in RAM so there's nothing to tear down). Kind of like Docker but less complicated and with full virtualization.

@theoutrider that email is the cancer that's killing Linux, thanks for reminding me these people actually exist

@Michcioperz systemd 235.77 release notes:
- Added support for fetching motds from DNS TEXT records

@Michcioperz there should probably be a motd.d type of thing where a bunch of packages can contribute to the motd in a modular way

@Michcioperz `apt install security-motd` would be better

@Michcioperz tbf I don't want canonical's motd either 😄

I don't even understand why infra providers feel the need to provide a kernel at all. Why would any customer even want that?

Infra providers gotta stop fucking with distro images. Just install SSH and call it a day, I don't want your kernel, I don't want your motd, I don't want any of your shit