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And every horn on every car is held down

No joke there's like 20,000 people on the streets right now

Center City Philadelphia is fucking nuts right now, holy shit!

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Being an open-source maintainer is really hard. A lot of people tend to act very entitled towards you, as if you "owe" them your time or your attention.

It's totally illogical: you put something out there for free, and now because of that, folks feel like they deserve more of it! And yet this is often the prevailing mood in OSS communities.

At the same time, you may start to believe this logic yourself, leading to "open-source guilt." This often ends in burnout.

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> every library should have a good science fiction and fantasy section

> Predictable Success
> JavaScript: The Good Parts
> Flawless Consulting
> Effective XML
> Real World Haskell

https://twitter.com/adamjogrady/status/952784870081572864 https://social.heldscal.la/attachment/1230330

Should write a blog post complaining about Flattr/Patreon/any other donation platform with a capitalist model

The problem with all of these supposed C replacements is that they're made by people who don't like C. Then they're surprised when C programmers don't want to leave.

Finally got my desktop switched over

Tip: don't backup your disk decryption key to tmpfs

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I've decided, x and wayland are for fags, what I'm gonna use is dvtm

A war is fought between angels and demons.

We are of little concern to either, but we live on their battlefield. This far from the conflict, the result of their battles is expressed in the skies. When the angels have the upper hand, the sun beats down. Our forests dry and burn. Our elderly die of heat, our crops of thirst. When the battles favor the demons, the skies are dark. Heavy rains flood our rivers and streets, and violent winds destroy houses.

We aren't sure which side we want to win.

My pal @emersion put together a decent golang project template that lets me pretend GOPATH doesn't exist. Been enjoying it since!