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Nvidia is deliberately blocking the Nouveau project from making progress on newer cards. https://gs.smuglo.li/attachment/831034
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3x8TiB and 4x500GiB for the record

Bought $800 worth of hard drives :x

Wait, no. This server is fine. I confused it with a _different_ server named cmpwn.com. My infrastructure is confusing 😥

Impending downtime for cmpwn.com, hold on to your butts

[people who are skilled compiler hackers] and [people who advocate for github monoculture] are mutually exclusive groups, seems to me like this system is working as designed

Thanks for giving the world terabytes of great music <3

tfw Made in Abyss only has 2 episodes left and all anime is doomed to one season that ends partway through the plot

Behold: the Arch Linux image successfully building, testing, and deploying itself to my build server: builds.sr.ht/job/253

This is how it does it: sr.ht/vp3r.txt

Gonna run this periodically once I get the cron feature going.

Finally got to use this case I printed ages ago


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Now the Caddy maintainer is mining for sympathy because he got hate for being a jerk.

sr.ht packages are now running database migrations automatically in the post-install step


Example of a ticket detail page with comments/description/etc todo.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/sr.ht/tod

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@sir I'd rather they just go out of business but sure that works too

Facebook really needs to cut this patents shit out