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For the record, I was never banned from Twitter. They suspended my account because someone scooped it up after I left the platform and used it for spam.

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I have compiled my official mail provider recommendations. With any provider, you must always use your own domain.


Good: Down to earth. Unlimited domains, storage, etc. Full marks for philosophical, ethical, and technical merits.

Bad: Difficult to set up. UI is a bit confusing. Advertises itself in your signature in the free plan. Apparently blocks VPN and Tor users (I have reached out to them about this).

Note: Was unable to evaluate their webmail


Good: excellent PGP support and good on other security fronts as well

Bad: requires google captcha, does not handle plaintext as well as I'd like, german leaks through into the english interface sometimes, too scatterbrained


Good: Goes above and beyond in support for various standards and protocols, handles plaintext email very well. Lots of good options for account security.

Bad: rough UI

## summary

migadu is hard to set up but is the best all-around offering. If you're security concious, has the best PGP support and good all-around security; has good account security options but no built-in PGP support.

Evaluated but not recommended: disroot, fastmail,,, protonmail, tutanota, riseup,, teknik, megacorp mail (gmail, outlook, etc)

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Rust doesn't have a specification
Therefore all Rust code is undefined behavior
Therefore Rust has more undefined behavior than C
Therefore Rust < C
Checkmate athiests

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Indent with semicolons

int main() {
;;;;int a;
;;;;for (a = 0; a < 10; a++) {
;;;;;;;;printf("%d\n", a);

(is it illegal to recycle your old tweets as toots)

Hacker news 

More fridge horror than any other movie I've seen in a while

I'm almost done getting rid of my Arch Linux machines. I have one workstation and three servers to go.

@sir this is so they can collect a lot of data, feed it to AI, make shiny graphs out of it for management and the "user experience" department so in the end they may learn how to ignore your requests even better in the future. That's standard procedure in the industry.

@sir Sorry, that request has been declined.
You will have to fill out our new "Eat A Dick, Microsoft" webform.

>Support Ticket Declined

Looks like GitHub no longer accepts support requests via, now they want me to fill out a web form

Thanks Microsoft, eat a dick

Also, every ARM laptop suffers from being an ARM laptop

The other crippling problem with Pine64 is that you can't fucking buy them

Crippling flaws with the laptops people pretend to like:

Old thinkpads: shit battery life

New thinkpads: shit keyboards, shit upstream driver support

Pine64: flimsy case, bad performance, questionable freedom

System32: giant bulky things charged at twice the price of anything else

Librem: giant bulky things charged at three times the price of anything else

Dell XPS: absolutely godawful firmware, they should be strung up in the town square for it, crippling bugs in every inch of the machine

There is always some crippling flaw in every single fucking laptop ever made, I guarantee it

Anyone who says they like their laptop is either an idiot or a liar

I fixed my laptop problems with a baseball bat and now I feel much better.

How to make a BIOS:

1. Put coreboot on it
2. Stop

This might sound crazy, but bear with me

What if we took all of the hardware vendors out there

And burned them at the fucking stake

It completely fulfills my craving for meat

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