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Indent with semicolons

int main() {
;;;;int a;
;;;;for (a = 0; a < 10; a++) {
;;;;;;;;printf("%d\n", a);

(is it illegal to recycle your old tweets as toots)

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Stars between about 1 times the mass of the Sun and 6-8 times the mass of the Sun end their days as a white dwarf after becoming a planetary nebula. Some planetary nebulae shown: Owl Nebula, Ring Nebula, and Dumbbell Nebula.

Not bad for a weekend's work making it responsive, if I do say so myself

Second round of sr.ht redesign patches have been deployed ^^

Now running on bootstrap 4.1, finally, I was still on an old bs 4 alpha release

Working on minor redesigns to sr.ht (mostly just finalizing the design I already had planned), just deployed the first set of patches across the site

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Saw Saturn at Love Park tonight

Seeking good resources for using Grafana to view application metrics

Docker in a nutshell: someone made ~$90,000 by putting a miner into an illicit docker image which was downloaded 5 million times


I would like to reiterate that Electron is God's punishment to humanity

Guys your repo's package repositories are maintained by people and they all have email addresses and a desire to work with you should you reach out to them

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lol users tell developer that snap, appimage, flatpak sucks

developer calls users smug

what an ass
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I /really/ need to add n-gate.com to my rss reader because it’s *so good*. This is the best description I’ve ever seen of the Microsoft acquisition of Github.

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OpenBSD didn't break the negotiated embargo. OpenBSD asked for permission to post at the end of the original embargo. OpenBSD was granted permission.

So this rumor has gone around since.

This time, OpenBSD is being left out of an embargo and it seems like it's because others are repeating this rumor as fact.

OpenBSD figured this out on their own. OpenBSD even *tried* to get in on the embargo. OpenBSD got silence.


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@Tusky hey it'd be coolio to be able to hide/show specific kinds of notifications on the notifications tab like you can on mastodon web

I love using fat javascript-driven piles of shit on mobile internet

, he said via a fat javascript-driven pile of shit on mobile internet