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For the record, I was never banned from Twitter. They suspended my account because someone scooped it up after I left the platform and used it for spam.

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I have compiled my official mail provider recommendations. With any provider, you must always use your own domain.


Good: Down to earth. Unlimited domains, storage, etc. Full marks for philosophical, ethical, and technical merits.

Bad: Difficult to set up. UI is a bit confusing. Advertises itself in your signature in the free plan. Apparently blocks VPN and Tor users (I have reached out to them about this).

Note: Was unable to evaluate their webmail


Good: excellent PGP support and good on other security fronts as well

Bad: requires google captcha, does not handle plaintext as well as I'd like, german leaks through into the english interface sometimes, too scatterbrained


Good: Goes above and beyond in support for various standards and protocols, handles plaintext email very well. Lots of good options for account security.

Bad: rough UI

## summary

migadu is hard to set up but is the best all-around offering. If you're security concious, has the best PGP support and good all-around security; has good account security options but no built-in PGP support.

Evaluated but not recommended: disroot, fastmail,,, protonmail, tutanota, riseup,, teknik, megacorp mail (gmail, outlook, etc)

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Rust doesn't have a specification
Therefore all Rust code is undefined behavior
Therefore Rust has more undefined behavior than C
Therefore Rust < C
Checkmate athiests

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Indent with semicolons

int main() {
;;;;int a;
;;;;for (a = 0; a < 10; a++) {
;;;;;;;;printf("%d\n", a);

(is it illegal to recycle your old tweets as toots)

Don't use a piece of software just because everyone else is. Do some research and make your own decisions.

All of the essential curry flavors seem present, but it's not rich enough. I don't think reducing it more would have helped. Also, like a total idiot I forgot to season the chicken

@mort @sir Wait.. you used to write your config on sliced bread??

For the record, INI files or TOML is better

Double check that your fire extinguisher has not expired

Someone on Hacker News asked what a leader looks like in a software development team, and I shared my thoughts:

>A good leader is connecting people to the right mentors; going to bat to help someone's good idea come true; recognizing natural areas of expertise for contributors to develop their skills in; identifying, predicting, and preventing bottlenecks in the process; and making sure information flows smoothly into, out of, and within the team. Think about what the people on your team need and what little strings you can pull to make their lives easier and help them to feel more productive, fulfilled, and impactful.

Reposted here for general interest.

Has anyone tried Jami, does it work now

ZOOM is BAD/EVIL and closed Try one of these: Tox (qtox): Jitsi: Ekiga: and fuck discord is just as bad.


re: cloudflare 

Man, American parenting sucks. Casual child abuse has become normalized here. Just because you aren't hitting your kid doesn't mean you aren't a shitty parent.

CloudFlare launches a new internet censorship and spyware tool, clarifies that it's not an April Fool's joke

Added a few clarifications to cstyle after receiving some questions about areas it didn't cover:

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