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For the record, I was never banned from Twitter. They suspended my account because someone scooped it up after I left the platform and used it for spam.

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I have compiled my official mail provider recommendations. With any provider, you must always use your own domain.


Good: Down to earth. Unlimited domains, storage, etc. Full marks for philosophical, ethical, and technical merits.

Bad: Difficult to set up. UI is a bit confusing. Advertises itself in your signature in the free plan. Apparently blocks VPN and Tor users (I have reached out to them about this).

Note: Was unable to evaluate their webmail


Good: excellent PGP support and good on other security fronts as well

Bad: requires google captcha, does not handle plaintext as well as I'd like, german leaks through into the english interface sometimes, too scatterbrained


Good: Goes above and beyond in support for various standards and protocols, handles plaintext email very well. Lots of good options for account security.

Bad: rough UI

## summary

migadu is hard to set up but is the best all-around offering. If you're security concious, has the best PGP support and good all-around security; has good account security options but no built-in PGP support.

Evaluated but not recommended: disroot, fastmail,,, protonmail, tutanota, riseup,, teknik, megacorp mail (gmail, outlook, etc)

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Rust doesn't have a specification
Therefore all Rust code is undefined behavior
Therefore Rust has more undefined behavior than C
Therefore Rust < C
Checkmate athiests

Whenever someone comes to me and says "look at my minimal <X> library" I will often take a look and what I often see is "its fit my single use case only and its obvious." Which happens a ton because people love to say "Phoenix is bloated" and do nothing to back that up.

For me the difference between rails and sinatra is essentially nil. The context between cpu and your code is so large I don't see a ton of value in making this distinctions.

Unplugged my mouse 10 minutes ago, only just noticed

Not to forget the good news today: the SpaceX Crewed Dragon docked with the International Space Station moments ago

Did you know that Plan 9 from Bell Labs is very cool

I wish the dbus enthusaists would go away and just make the dbus-based display protocol they're obviously dying to have

Petition to rename Wayland to "that one annyoing part of the stack which isn't dbus and is to be avoided if at all possible"

Pinebook update: I got postmarketOS mostly working with @martijnbraam's help. I wanted to get Alpine upstream working, but ARM is a fucking nightmare architecture and I eventually gave up.

I just installed expat and freetype to compile a Rust program lol

I like how the Rust ecosystem still depends on all of the most obvious C libraries to replace in the name of safety

How to set up a new laptop:

1. Install Linux
2. Put the laptop away
3. SSH into it and finish installing things

Pinebook experience so far: I hate ARM so fucking much oh my god

"Hi! Thanks for coming to $vendor for an interview. Tell me, what made you want to apply for this position?"

I think hardware vendors are fucking idiots and I'm here to set this trainwreck straight.

"...okay, thanks for coming in, we'll be in touch"

Tip: fshalt -r does not reboot Linux

Imagine being the engineer who was asked to design a clamp to hold a powered-up Saturn-V on the ground

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