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If bitching about bugs fixed them, we'd have the best open source ever

The low level infrastructure for wlroots is pretty much good to go. We have working DRM, libinput, and Wayland backends. Said backends already work better than wlc. Now for some refactoring and then onwards to the Wayland server!


@lanodan_tmp what do you mean? And what's your IRC nick?

@lanodan_tmp stop by on irc.freenode.net if you want to collaborate with us on wlroots!

@lanodan_tmp to clarify, the same demo can be run on the DRM+libinput backends and just take over your displays

@lanodan_tmp this is a demo for wlroots: github.com/SirCmpwn/wlroots, running on the new Wayland backend

Tomorrow's blog post is written, time to grab a beer and a book and relax

@KitRedgrave then it just depends on the web app I guess

@KitRedgrave could always use CGI though, many CGI apps are written in C

@KitRedgrave the hardest part would be all of the low level HTTP support code, would take at least a week to get a solid HTTP server implementation alone

The libinput backend has been merged into wlroots!

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Here's the code of conduct on my repositories: shut up and code. Don't bring politics into the code. Don't be an asshole to anyone else. If someone is being an asshole to you, let me know and I'll take care of it.

In other words, basic fucking human interaction.