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AMA about Wayland or the Linux graphics stack, technical or otherwise

(standing offer)

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Rust doesn't have a specification
Therefore all Rust code is undefined behavior
Therefore Rust has more undefined behavior than C
Therefore Rust < C
Checkmate athiests

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Indent with semicolons

int main() {
;;;;int a;
;;;;for (a = 0; a < 10; a++) {
;;;;;;;;printf("%d\n", a);

(is it illegal to recycle your old tweets as toots)

I have been instructed to replace a 30-line fire-and-forget shell script with a Python daemon on a remote server which receives messages over a message broker no one has heard of and must have fewer features as a consequence of this design

Should I use early access to my Wayland book a donation incentive, or should I just make my drafts open to the public

"It looks like this is a Go repository. Would you like us to send you a patch adding [code annotations](...)? [Yes] [No]"

Good idea?

Oh, I forgot to mention in the status update but the RISC-V port of musl libc was upstreamed this month too 🎉

Speaking of moe garbage, GJ-Bu is underrated

V void
U uint32_t
typedef struct wl_display*D;
typedef struct wl_registry*R;
V G(V*d,R r,U n,const char*i,U v)
{printf("%s v%d\n",i,v);}
V H(V*d,R r,U n){}
struct wl_registry_listener L={G,H};
int main(){D d=wl_display_connect(0);
R r=wl_display_get_registry(d);

In the context of zero-indexed integers...

After much thought and reflection, I have realized that Mio is, in fact, best girl.

Time handling in Python is yet-again proved to be written by lobotomized monkeys on crack

To be honest Python has been making its way from my like list to my shit list for a while now


Petetion to remove JavaScript from all web browsers

Petition to remove the ability for JavaScript to manipulate scrolling from all web browsers

Fabrice Bellard strikes again. I sometimes think six or seven clones of him could replace all the FOSS developers in the world.

#pkgconf 1.6.3 is now out!

I have moved #pkgconf development to sourcehut (run by @sir):

This update actually has a very *important* change: it fixes a major grammatical inconsistency with version string parsing that has been present since the original freedesktop pkg-config implementation was released.

Updating to this version is strongly encouraged.

This bug was observed on the RPM bug tracker, and you can read about it there:

Every moment spent writing C++ is a moment spent in misery that I shan't get back

If anyone thinks ads are not harmful, but just annoying-

I searched YouTube for a movie trailer. First result is an ad for a different movie. Clicked on the actual trailer and the ad which shows before it is the trailer for a 3rd movie. This shit is straight up lying and it's incredibly immoral. The entire advertising industry is built to lie to people and dupe them out of their money.

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