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Watched A Tale of Two Sisters tonight w/Japanese friends. Got the dual subtitle timing right in time! Very good movie.

Our IRC channel's frankenbot is now up to 8 different bots on one nick

Do you remember when certificates cost like a hundred bucks

Morning, fediverse. Anyone working on anything cool today?

4:04, the witching minute

I like how `sbt test` spins between with no visual feedback and [success] written on the bottom of the screen for minutes at a time before moving on to other test suites

In other news, I tend to push a lot of broken patches lately

Opinion: not being on GitHub is not a meaningful barrier to contributors.


Is anyone else being inundated with unsolicited emails about companies you don't care about being bought by other companies you don't care about this week?

mpv can handle it but the timing is a bit off, hopefully I can write a little patch in time

Watching a Korean horror movie with my Japanese friends this weekend. Gonna have to sort out dual subtitles!

How many spam calls do you get per day?

Not to mention how durable it is - I have two and they look brand spanking new despite being almost 10 years old.

ThinkPad X200

Compact and lightweight
Up to 8GB of RAM (user-upgradable)
Good battery life
All hardware works perfectly with upstream kernel
Best keyboard ever made (bonus: user replacable)
Clit mouse (X220 if you like touchpads)
12" 1280x800 display
WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth
Fingerprint reader
Labelled screws tell you what to open to get to which components
coreboot supported
Most HW works with niche operating systems (tested: NetBSD, Minix, Haiku, 9front)
$40-$150 on eBay

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IBM's new 50-qubit computer is expected to retail for about $15 million. The NSA's budget is $10.8 billion. Figuring for Moore's law... it doesn't look good.