Hi guys!

Rudloff is getting work hard on #fdroid to give us more options apps, high quality apps.

But now I want to introduce to you a great...really great alternative to #2fA (two factor authentication) app by G and Authy, I just to show you...#FreeOTP+.

Test it and get more security into your accounts.

Don't forget, share it, someone can use too.

Thanks all time of @fdroidorg .



@dgl @fdroidorg also check out andOTP, which is also on f-droid

@sir @fdroidorg @dgl this is what i use, yea

For some reason I can't export though, even when I copy the security key or whatever perfectly and quadruple check it?

@sir @dgl @fdroidorg
andOTP is my current OTP app on my phone... Plaintext backup comes in handy when wiping phone but sure is dangerous!
Saw that FreeOTP+ also added backup capability

@sir @dgl @fdroidorg I tested #andOTP recently for #MFA with #SSH , both were really easy to setup and I was glad to have an app out of #F-Droid

Unfortunately, had to go a different direction for that project, but now I'm certain I can implement it in a matter of minutes next time :)

Will also test with other #FLOSS apps like #FreeOTP+ if I move to others participating in the testing

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