Reminder to all the people writing wannabe top replacements in node or python or ruby right now:

A performance monitoring tool which is the biggest CPU hog on your system is fucking dumb

@sir or even in Go, for that matter! garbage collection is absolutely the wrong tool for that job

@riking garbage collection only happens when you make new objects

@sir while I concede it is possible to write 0-alloc code in Go, (this is even a feature of the testing framework,) the code looks like ass and is terrible to edit

write your top replacement in a manual/RAII memory management language imo

@hirojin @riking @sir it's what your hard disks are made of (SSDs excepted, they're made of sand)

@sir reminder that netdata monitors 2500 metrics every single second with 1% cpu

If your top uses more than that you fucked up
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