@sir retroarch runs their own fdroid repo. I think you should take a look at it and possibly use it as an example of a FOSS product being both in the Play store and running their own repo with daily updates.


I don't agree with everything you say, but it's so refreshing to heard such a non-conformist voice ;)

@sir Great blog article!I hate Signal as much as Whatsapp because it's technically the same shit,only another company with less negative press.Now I have something I can show to people who still recommend that.The facts are here so please don't allow a second Whatsapp!!!


Starting to install Briar here to give it a look, your post having reminded me it was on my unwritten to-do list.

@sir @qbi
XMPP/Jabber with OMEMO encryption is a good alternative too. Comversations is a good client.

@sir I saw the whole thread about LibreSignal, i.e. Signal servers can't talk to one another. Based on that, I understand your assertion that it's DOA. But what about Silence? It's actually not trying to be a different variant of Signal. It's SMS only, no servers, no accounts. Simple. I admit it can't talk to Signal users, but who cares?

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