Great UX from Imgur for visitors with Javascript disabled, because "display an image" requires web 6.0 javascript meme tech

@sir delivered via an external domain too usually

why? who knows actually.

@Vann there was once a legitimate reason for this, namely that web browsers limited the number of concurrent connections to a single origin. But now we have HTTP/2 and your page shouldn't need that many resources anyway.

@sir The 6.0 tells how many GiB of RAM you need to load up the page

@sir If using Imgur is required for some reason, I generally link to the direct image, and ask others to do so as well, exactly for this reason. There's no reason to waste more bandwidth on the JS than you spend on the image itself.

@tyil imgur redirects direct image links to the javascript-laden web page if you don't match a whitelist of referers Oh, I haven't had that issue yet. Did they recently introduce this?

I was looking for an Imgur replacement for a while, and I found it few days back:

- Does not require to create login
- Instantly gives a shareable image-only link after uploading image.
- Zero bloat

(I haven't tested it with JS disabled though.)

@kaushalmodi public image hosts are doomed to fail and litter the internet with millions of dead links, I wrote about this ages ago:

It was an interesting read. Thanks!

I can only hope that doesn't go through the same cycle.

@sir @kaushalmodi on a somewhat related note, does have a "paste" service or image-upload service? does it ever plan to?

@aminb @kaushalmodi the original has both, which is now private and will not be growing new accounts in the future.

In that case, I'll be looking for another "" when that happens.

I basically need something to quickly share an image (usually a screenshot or something during a debug). So I'd be fine if that image is thrown away in 30 days or something.

For permanent image hosting for my blog, I just self host them.


I was going to recommend framapic, but looks like it's unavailable


@sir One reason I'm not particularly thrilled at some places (mostly subreddits) that require images be hosted on imgur
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