>Ever wonder why your phone needs 30 to 60 seconds to boot?


My calculator has a CPU which is literally 4,000 times worse than my phone's CPU and it boots to an interactive graphical user session on a fully preemptive multitasking Unix system before you can even take your finger off of the "ON" button

@sir yet your calculator doesn't have a hardware feature matrix in the thousands of possibilities... I fully
agree with the sentiment, but let's compare apples to apples.

@mariusor no, let's not. There's no reason you couldn't make a similar experience on a phone's hardware

@sir @mariusor I think an important core point in that article is that there's absolutely no reason for the phone's hardware to need that feature matrix, if that really is the main reason it ultimately takes so long to boot. All of the things people do on phones can be trivially acheived using decades-older and orders-of-magnitude-slower hardware; the only thing the blazing-fast processors and vast memory space are needed for is supporting the structure of bullshit underneath.

@sir @mariusor The comparison is absolutely valid here because there is not a single thing about exchanging text messages, reading articles, managing calendars and to-do lists, setting alarms, reading maps, transferring files, and even watching videos or playing games that intrinsically requires the latest Qualcomm octa-core processor, or even one within two orders of magnitude of that in any specification.

@ellied @sir @mariusor

> or playing games

I think that really depends on the game and how smoothly you want it to run. Whether you need photorealistic games on your phone is a different question, but it seems like people do want better looking and bigger games on their phones.

@pyrolagus @sir @mariusor Well sure, there's no reason "gaming phones" for the latest AAA titles can't be a thing. It's just really absurd that it seems like we've decided that *all* phones have to be gaming phones now just to do basic tasks and play low-end games. Gaming phones should be the souped-up, custom-built exception, not the hard-and-fast rule.

@ellied @sir @mariusor Oh sure, definitely. Most people don't need such powerful phones much like most people are probably well served with a Chromebook.

@sir 100% tangential, but out of curiosity: which calculator?

@Zuph TI-84+ SE and similar calcs in that family

@sir there is a calculator that runs Unix? What do you have?

@sir There's not even a way in the Android bootloader to force the Kernel console on bootup like on regular Linux distributions. You can't 'see' the startup.

I haven't looked into it, but I suspect on Android the boot time is a combination of setting up the baseband/radio hardware, running the graphical layer and JIT compiling.

@sir wouldn't it be faster if it was precompiled software ?

@sir correct me if I'm wrong but cell phones use java virtual machine as interpreter for the software(app) they run. It's CPU hog and less effective then compiled software.

@martin android uses the dalvik VM (which is like the JVM) and AoT compiles everything iirc

@sir Meanwhile, why do my lcd monitors need to boot up and entertain me with a 'power saving' splash screen for 15 seconds or more before displaying anything useful?
Maybe KDE Neon boots faster from SSD than my stupid monitors.

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