4 may be the ideal number of monitors

...but maybe I should try 5

@sir do you sometimes attach the monitors to your thinkpad?

@Wolf480pl no. Most of the time I SSH into the thinkpad from my desktop

@ChrisWilson @Wolf480pl I used to do live coding. I might do more stuff with it in the future, we'll see.

@sir just close mix with a cardioid pattern set (if it’s not a multi pattern, you’re already set)

Use a bit of compression and, depending on the mic, a couple of dB bump at 80Hz and one at 2k makes it sound nice

I often start with an FM radio preempahsis setting on a multi band compressor plug in.

A smattering If plate reverb. Turn it up, then turn it down until it almost disappears...unless you want that NPR sound

Some of my early work...



@ChrisWilson @Wolf480pl nice, thanks. What's some good free software for doing this shit?

@sir ok. So I’m using an old old license for CuBase 3SX and the Ozone 3 plug in which I bought for a “song” back in 08 after someone upgraded to Pro Tools.

Ozone is a mastering suite

Ardour I am told is a good DAW on Linux. Audacity is great for clipping and stitching stuff together and doing post processing. Both have a shit tonne of FOSS audio plug-ins plus commercial offerings

I’m just used to CuBase’s work flow


@sir and yes....it’s on an old HP 4400 workstation running XP

I just upgrade the HDDs every 2 years.


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