@sir now that I think about it (sorry I'm late) what this post is lacking is pronunciation of sr.ht

@sir I think FAQ and pricing pages should be available without signing up. (Or maybe they are? But it's hard to find them at first glance,then.)

Also kudos for Arch and Alpine packages, it's so rare to see any web service at least designed to be packaged properly.

@barthalion you're right that I should make pricing details available before you sign up, though

@sir Two questions if I may.
#1: I can't seem to find a way to browse all the git projects currently hosted. Not sure if I'm just blind or if that's a feature not (yet) implemented. Are you thinking about adding that if you haven't already?
#2: As someone who neither has a credit, nor a usually accepted debit card, will there be other payment options at some point? Preferably PayPal. I would love to support the project!

@flxy right now #1 is deliberate. I'm trying to tone down the social features to focus on the engineering. I might change my mind at some point, though. Maybe worth starting a discussion, send an email ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss@lists.sr.ht?

#2: maybe! Open a ticket here: todo.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/meta.sr.h. At the moment you can just skip the payment and you'
ll still have access to all features. Also, if Patreon works for you, lots of people support me there: patreon.com/sircmpwn

@sir That's fair. Actually focusing on the engineering for now at the very least seems like a better way to spend development time. I personally just like to see what other people are up to occasionally, just to find some inspiration. But obviously, if that's not the goal of your project that's completely fine too imo.
And I did just join your Patreon, haha. I may still open a ticket just in case other people are encountering the same "problem".
Congratulations though. Big day for sr.ht :)

@sir made an account. :) Will give it a try over the w/e.

@sir I'm working to push a small misspell commit...

@mariusor what's hugged to death? Everything seems fine to me...

@sir now working. I tried creating a git repository for meta.sr.ht and it died and then was returning 502 when accessing git.sr.ht urls.

@mariusor can you try again? there was an OOM issue, but it's unrelated to the traffic

@sir i did errors on and off while browsing some git repositories as well. e.g. git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/core.sr.ht is "502 Bad Gateway" right now. reloading eventually works.

@anarcat thanks for the tip, this is a known and high priority issue. Keep refreshing and it'll work

@sir damn, I forgot you're a proponent for mail patches rather than Fork - PR. BRB reading the manual. :)

@sir Done: lists.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/sr.ht-de

And if I may, you probably should use a url which is a little less leaky with a contributor's information. :D

@mariusor this is by design, your email isn't a secret with git and it's not a secret on sr.ht

@sir yet we should make it as difficult as possible for scrapers to get emails.

@mariusor I've taken some precautions. I will be changing these URLs, but it'll still be possible to get emails out of sr.ht

@sir why not use a similar strategy as lkml does to the emails? (as I'm writing this, I saw that lkml doesn't strip the email from the patch itself... sigh)

congrats on the sr.ht launch, @sir i registered and i'm impressed with the services, even if i found a few rough edges ;)

@sir I’m quite interested in the git one, how much ressources does it takes? (just to know where I should it host it)

@lanodan it's quite lightweight, takes hardly no resources to host it.

@sir Congrats! Looks nice... and I'm glad to see more people hacking away against the monopoly of Github.
I'm a Mercurial guy myself however... (I might contribute if there's any desire to make sr.ht less Git specific!)

@sir amazing already trashed my GitHub private repos and moved over. Hope you can use the cash for something that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling!

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