@sir congrats! you know you've arrived when they write articles with hokey binary graphics written for CIOs.

@sir that's a good write-up. Hopefully it gets a few more projects interested in self-hosting, so you can do more testing of interaction between instances :)

@sir unless I'm mistaken, that license isn't #copyleft. The absence of strong upgradable copyleft isn't good (equally bad is the lack of community oriented copyleft enforcement). The current lax/permissive license allows adaptors to restrict their future adopters' freedom of the software.

@sir from git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/core.sr.ht , that is BSD-3-Clause, not AGPL-3.0-or-later, setup.py also tells that, srht/package.json is different.

@adfeno that is the only module which is not copyleft; git.sr.ht, builds.sr.ht, meta.sr.ht, lists.sr.ht, dispatch.sr.ht, etc - all AGPL.

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