Don't use JavaScript to mess with scrolling please

Actually, don't use JavaScript please

@sir Posted on a platform that runs on JavaScript. 😂

@sir I agree completely with your sentiment. I just couldn’t help making the joke. Cx

@zkat okay but you can't run it on my computer

@sir And if just have to handle the scroll event, please at least tell browsers that you are not going to mess with it. Because scrolling should be performant!

You can do that by passing {passive: true} to the final argument of addEventListener.

@sir js per se isn't bad. As long as you don't make it required. Or fiddling with common default behavior

@sir I love JS and the dynamic online tools (like Mastodon's web UI!) it can be used to create, but gotdamn do I wish people would stop using it to "improve" (or deliver, for that matter) static content and mess with browser functionality.

@sir I turn off smooth scrolling in the browser for a reason, don't try to fucking force it on me. <inesrt a multitude of swear words here>

Btw, the reason is that smooth scrolling FUCKING SUCKS. God, this makes me angry like only laggy UIs can

@sir One of the best things about Javascript is that you can usually easily disable it, per site.

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