If you use Google Analytics in your open source project, you're a narcissistic asshole.

@maryjane @sir reCAPTCHA has a 99,3 % marketshare. There really isn’t any good alternatives available with comparable accessibility and detection ratio. I really wish there were a ton of real alternatives, however.

@sir I tried using Coinhive’s click-to-cryptomine-for-30-seconds for a few days but their domain is blocked by some DNS providers and ad blockers (all hail the EasyList maintainers: the ultimate gatekeepers of the web) so that made it problematic.
Tested other proof-to-work like CAPTCHA system but all I’ve found have had miserable browser compatibility and have failed to detect mobile device limitation and adjust expected work-amount accordingly.

@da I'm not sure there are any good ones right now I guess. It's all too easy to infect that with cryptocurrency bullshit

@da @sir
in the 2000's Internet Explorer 6 also had around 90% market share that did not meant it was a good piecce of technology... This website, abide a bit old summerizes some of my problems with reCAPTCHA

@maryjane @sir I didn’t say reCAPTCHA is good; just that it has a complete market dominance while also solving a real problem people have in a market with virtually no competitors. Same situation with AdSense, and that is more problematic seeing how Google uses the platform to push Chrome and other Google products at prices no competitor to those other products can compete with.

@da @maryjane any open source projects using adsense are run by assholes, too

@sir @maryjane maybe those people like food more than you do.

@da @maryjane yes, they convert their users privacy and convenience into food, instead of any of the thousands of other ways to put food on the table. Very good way to thank your users for their support

@sir @maryjane AdSense can be configured to not record data or serve personalized ads. It’s even the default setting in the EEA these days and can be configured that way for everyone else too. So exchanging less than 40 kB per pageload of the user’s bandwidth for food seems like a fair trade to me.

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