I just love putting my email into new forms knowing that I'm going to have the shit spammed out of me forever

I have special email accounts just for spam forms.

@cobra2 me too, but it's still annoying when you want to e.g. receive their emails until the delivery arrives

@sir easy fix, forward emails from the proper address to your "main" account for 'x' period of time.

I use a cronjob to read my spam mail address and handle the forwarding.

@sir I've been creating a dedicated email address on the fly for such purpose and it's awesome for me so far.
I have a domain with and using their CLI to create an email forward is super easy, eg. `$> gandi forward create --destination`

It's a good balance between UX and not being spammed that has been working for me ^^

@pyrho I do the same thing, but I don't even have the extra step. All email addresses lead to the same inbox, so any email I want already exists when I think it up. Still, this isn't a perfect solution, because sometimes I need to receive a few emails from someone before I can start sending their spam to /dev/null

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