Chromium has blacklisted nouveau on Linux, which is one of the most egregiously wrong moves they could make against open source and the health of the Linux ecosystem.

Tell them what you think via Remember to be firm in your convictions but polite with your complaint.

@lanodan I think everyone who is upset writing a personal email to convey their concerns is a much more powerful statement

@lanodan @sir is there a publication somewhere? (git commit url?)

@lanodan @sir oh, so they're fine with blacklisting Nouveau, but not with Nouveau blacklisting them :D ROTFL

@mmu_man @sir @lanodan Have a look at the User Agent string in your browser some time. It's a convoluted mess, and there's a long history behind why it is like that. The above seems like an upcoming reboot of that old cat-and-mouse game.

@bamfic @mmu_man @sir $ curl -sSL | jq .version -r 2.5.0 (compatible; Pleroma 0.9.0-1798-ge26ef85b)

Oups. :D

@lanodan @mmu_man @sir HAHA "The past isn't dead. It isn't even past."
@sir I think it is unfair to blame it on the Chromium devs, from my understanding:
1. They did not blacklist nouveau users completely from using the browser, they just disabled GPU acceleration for them
2. It still can be enabled by passing --ignore-gpu-blacklist flag
3. Nouveau devs had a lot of time since Sep 27 to contact Chromium devs with WebGL CTS suite results, but the dev who ran it decided to not report them, because it failed and he was too scared to present this result to Chromium graphics devs, nor he was able to track down the problem himself

@rin I had been to the bug but not read that email. I wish Ilia had behaved differently. Regardless, I stand by my condemnation of Chromium's move here. It's not appropriate for the browser to push these kinds of choices onto the user. Chromium should have sooner turned the thumbscrews on Nvidia or sponsored the nouveau developers than blacklist the driver.

@rin @sir

why would a driver team audition for app support?

@msmouse @sir why would a browser development team waste their time investigating issues in a driver without driver developer's support instead of just disabling it by default?

@rin @msmouse they shouldn't do either. They should forward bug reports to nouveau and close the ticket.

@sir ugh…
always the same, you have a problem with X, you blacklist X, instead of (helping to) fixing it… 😠

@mmu_man Ridiculous behavior by Google, they should be prodding Canonical to update the broken drivers & blacklist only the current driver version.

@sir Is Ilia the beinning of that thread? They mentioned Signal Desktop, which has seen a serious performance degradation in the past few months.

Excited to jump on the QT client for Signal soon, no more UI lockups! The weird thing is even Riot (another Electron app) performs waaaay better while Signal is nearly frozen/lagging.

@bikecurious @sir

they should be prodding nvidia to publish specs that always should have been made public in the first place.

Like, they actually published specs for chips used in Android tables, because of Google… why not the rest?

The problem is *not* Nouveau, but nvidia not giving the user manuel of the hardware.
Blacklisting nouveau equates to being complicit of this.


@sir that seems like an inaccurate summary? I thought this was about enabling or disabling graphics acceleration.

Maybe encourage people to do something constructive, like figuring out which configurations actually do work to make the blacklist more fine-grained?

@sir Use Firefox instead,it's better anyway.Chrome sucks.Linux is too good for running this spyware. #FuckOffGoogle

@sir reminder: google is not your friend, they don't care about you and don't have to. you are the product not the customer, you have no say. (^:
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