Finally finished setting up the new backup server for 52 TB of ZFS goodness with daily automatic snapshots. Now fielidng real-time postgresql replication (which is suitable for use as a failover database as well), and taking hourly backups of, 2,500 miles from the primary datacenter.

I was *pretty* confident in my redundancy and backup setup before, but now I have no doubt that's data isn't going anywhere.

Worth a blog post on the subject?

@sir Out of curiosity, what's's present storage usage and growth? Why 52TB?

>Worth a blog post on the subject?
Knowing your blog posts, definitely.

@e since it's a brand new box, the storage is mostly empty. However, I intend to keep a backlog of backups, so I can restore to any point in time. I'm keeping hourly backups for 48 hours, daily backups for 2 weeks, and weekly backups indefinitely (though this is all deduplicated so it's not growing at a ridicuous rate)

I also have a tendency to over-provision things so that I don't have to worry about growth.

@e also, will be useful in the future for things like offering custom build images to users, build caches, etc, which will consume a lot of space. I might also mirror linux distros, bsds, etc. All of that is pending a better evaluation of the bandwidth concerns, though.

@sir Are you seriously asking if we want a blog post after all this teasing? Of course we do! :D

@sir sure, i always like reading that sort of thing.

Which provider are you using for this? I am currently looking into a backup server with lots of storage as well.

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