Imagine an alternate reality where the only chat protocol that ever proliferated was IRC

Now how do we get to this reality...

@sir Make IRC persistent, fix accounts to not send passwords in cleartext, have good apps instead of shitty monospace terminal emulators, make the UI for group settings not be bitmasks set by chat commands, make it safe to transfer files and have hosting for images, files, transcripts, have server-side notifications. Probably more. IRC is a primitive joke. #irc


@mdhughes most IRC servers already support SSL, so no need to do anything special for passwords there. I don't care to answer the rest of your complaints

@mdhughes yeah, I'll just go have a pity party about it with the 80,000 other people being productive and social on Freenode *right now*.

@sir OK, the hundreds of millions on more modern systems won't miss you all.

@mdhughes to be honest I guess one advantage of other chat systems is that they act like a magnet to keep morons like you off of IRC

@sir Yes, I can see the kind and welcoming culture of IRC is really going to draw them in. You're a credit to your species, whatever that is.

@mdhughes I wasn't the one who started slinging mud.

@sir I criticized an obsolete networking protocol with bad clients. Programs aren't people, IRC user.

@mdhughes @sir i don't think irc is a good protocol either but you definitely are being a self-righteous cunt here
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