@sir i have an X220T and i love it. my only problem with it is that as of now Libreboot doesn't support it, and i don't know if it ever will. otherwise, amazing machine. i'll probably pick up an X200 or X200T next though so i can get Libreboot on it

@aminb @sir

You may be able to do Coreboot+me_cleaner on the X220T, and that's close at least.

The X200 is a lovely machine though. It's not as fast as my X230 of course, but physically it feels nicer.

@sir I had an X200 until 2016 and loved it, but then I swapped it for an X301. all of the above, plus

* 1440x900 display
* palm rests are magnesium/carbon fiber instead of plastic
* two battery bays instead of one
* two speakers instead of one

slight CPU speed drop, but it's still plenty powerful with judicious JS blocking

Also as a pro:
* no useless touchpad

On my non-X200 ThinkPads, I just physically unplug the touchpad, but it's wasted space.

- if you drop it on the floor, it will make a hole in the floor

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