@sir Nice article. I wish everyone did like you do, but a big problem is that the majority of users are running software that is meant to make their devices obsolete asap, so that they buy a new one soon after (think smartphones), and they are unaware of the alternatives, or do not know how to switch.

I am planning to keep this smartphone alive for many years, as well as my fairly recent laptop and desktop, all thanks to FOSS.

Glad to find more people here going to FOSDEM, btw :)

>Why I use old hardware
Because it hasn't failed me yet.

@sir Do you have any suggestions on where to buy older hardware?
I'm looking for a new laptop now, since mine is quite old (and compared to your thinkpad the specs are garbage... it takes 5h to compile the linux kernel and i have 16gb of space)

I was thinking about getting a puri.sm one since i really like what they're doing, but i keep going back to thinking about old laptops

the only thing that im not a huge fan of are the screens and weight, since im constantly walking around with my laptop and prefer a nice screen.

@sir Also, it's not spying on you (see Intel IME-- every CPU manufactured since 2012 is bad) and you can run open source BIOS on it too.
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