Man Mastodon is just ridiculously resource intensive

It's almost worth just not running a Mastodon instance over tbh

inb4 literally everyone tells me about pleroma

@sir Pleroma, which has no versions (unless you count git hashes or their one version tag), no official containers or packages, that requires a recompile on configuration changes and no means of tracking security issues.

@djsumdog I'm okay with some of that. I'm more annoyed because elixir is turbomeme

@sir @djsumdog

Elixir is fine because it is, in fact, a thin layer over Erlang. Happy user since 2008 :)

@pepesza I don't think there's a point trying to convince sircmpwn that a functional language can be a good choice.

@sir @djsumdog a wayland guy has no right to call anything a meme
@sir hello have you heard about our lord and saviour pleroma?
@orekix @sir don't fall for the memes, Drew, Pleroma will turn you into a Nazi Weeb, Just install GNU Social.

@sir I'd really like a Fediverse thingy that doesn't suffer from Rubyism myself

@kragen I was going to write one myself at some point but MAN do I not have free time

@kragen @sir it would be nice to have a minimal microblogging server, ideally one that could federate, and ideally-er one that could federate with the Masto-verse

@ddipaola @sir given the horrorshow of JS I'm draining my battery with for this client, surely the server doesn't need to do a lot of heavy computation; it just needs to enforce permissions and store and forward messages

@sir Mine is just 11 users, but it seems to run okay on a 1vCPU/2GB ram instance (+4GB swap), and that's with the Elastic Search container too. I don't have 1k followers like you though.

The queue occasionally gets backed up and I start getting HAProxy timeouts, but not all that often.

@xj9 you know that mastodon and pleroma both use a copyleft license right

@xj9 </list of people who are good at jokes>

@bob @sir that reminds me, I need to check-out pleroma...

@sir there's a few options implementations of AP. I think there's one in Rust that's lean(er) as well one in Go (powering

@sir @sir There's also Pleroma which can run on a RasPi


Yes, because an Raspi is a good choice for server services. It's best paired with the cheapest memory card one can find on eBay

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