Holy shit, Facebook is paying teenagers to install a root certificate on their phones so they can snoop on all of their internet traffic

Not a joke, this is actually a thing which is happening right now


Onavo Protect is a garbage. Originally Facebook promoted it in third-world countries along with the Facebook Lite app. It's not a real VPN, it's more of a blatant man-in-the-middle attack.

@sir if you read the article, it's been going on since 2016 which means it's really got some traction and they have to have tens of thousands of people who've given up all their info by now.

@FimbulFlower @sir Well, for once they are actually /telling/ you that they are spying on you, and giving you something of actual value for that.

If all of their spying looked like this (people probably would stop agreeing to it) it would actually be more honest ;d

@sir blatant violation of enterprise cert program terms, and unbelievably shady/creepy/predatory with the third-party "teen" advertising campaigns
would be cool if apple came down hard on this since their new marketing angle is telling you they care about your privacy

@sir oh my god
so you install a VPN that monitors all in/outcoming traffic and you get paid by facebook to do it?

this is by far the most blatant example of facebook spying on people i've ever seen

@sir thanks american corporate privacy invader oath for warning me about american corporate privacy invader facebook

@sir lol worst part is that im still considering it for the cash

@citrustwee @sir install it in an emulator with fake credentials? 🤔

@sir @citrustwee ye... maybe not a good idea to encourage them. but conning fb out of money on a large scale would rock.

@sir well it's good they're asking permission this time

@sir My first thought was the same as yours. My second thought, at least they're paying them. Although, I don't think anyone under the age of 18 is informed to make that decision.

@sir oh please oh please Mr cook remove facebooks apps from the app store

@sir In two days I delete FB permanently, that platform has gotten too big for its own good. It is an example of greed and unethical marketing. I won't miss it.

@bluetechgirl @sir No way! Me too! It was part of my social media diet resolution :D

@brandon @sir Its a toxic environment that leaves me loosing my faith in humanity and the data collection has gone way too far. I need to delete it for my mental health, my ability to keep my data secure, and my ability to be free from this kind of corporate influence.

@sir I'd be okay with them doing this, if I expected Facebook to actually run the study with the level of security required of a government contractor -- and be accountable if there's a breach.

In reality there's a good 60% chance this experiment will lead to a massive data breach.

@sir Wow, I remember back when malicious programmers had to quietly sneak their way into being able to spy on someone. Now all they need to to is ask.

@sir suckers. they could be getting paid 5 times that to mod mastosoc

Probability that fb goog already are doing this. Caveat : dont use facebook apps. Ie whattsapp, insta or FB messenger

I am not allowed to watch this page until I allow them to spy in me (seriously).

Did they actually spy or do they just pay them to install VPN clients?

@sir well ever since android 7 this is mostly useless since the default manifest setting for apps is to reject the user cert chain (apps have to specify that they allow the user chain in their manifest)

the only apps I've seen that do this are browsers and Conversations
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