@sir awesome. Very useful. I only know about 10 fingers of characters anyway, but this feels like reading some Nicholas Linnear anyway.

@sir so, fire-day, water-day, moon-day, tree-day...

@sir Fun, I ran the other day into someone I hadn't seen in ages, he insisted how grammatically simple Japanese is after spending most of his life fighting German. "It's like someone omitted all the unnecessary fluff and just left the words in the sentence you need to get the point across. Learning Kanji still sucks though."


I always say the same whenever someone asks if Jpn isn't hard to learn. German is so much more nonsensical in comparison and it's my native language^^


@sir isn't it パソコン instead of パスコン ?

>don't learn informal if you only want to dip your toes
>*proceeds to give example sentences in informal*

>待って not 待つ
ok, then there's 待って in the sentence, he just doesn't want to explain て-form yet

>持つ with 持って in the sentence
wait what?

@sir isn't それ "that thing near you" and あれ "that thing far from both of us" ?

@sir IOW, if you call something これ, I call it それ , and the other way around?

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