@sir Hi, is it possible to not use compositing under Wayland? Because if not, I think the added latency is a valid argument against it (though not all users care and I still think you’re doing a great job with sway and wlroots).

@papush this question is born from misconceptions about how graphics work on Wayland. We already have low latency and "removing" "compositing" isn't going to help

@papush not compositing amounts to copying pixels and copying pixels is going to worsen latency - most compositors don't have any copy operations at all


I get that this was just about debunking misconceptions, but I have a related question that you can probably answer: what advantages does Wayland offer *user* other than improved security?

(I unserstand it has advantages as an easier platform to develop for and has really strong security advantages, but I'd like to be available to make the pitch for it to people who don't care about those two parts)

@sir hey, I'm just curious, what problems do you have with Wayland at this point as a developer and as a user?

@sir Nvidia really needs to get their act together. Going to need more marketshare going to Intel and AMD I'm afraid.

@sir You've convinced me to make my next graphics card an AMD Graphics card. I'd been interested in Wayland for a while and hoping nVidia would get their act together real soon now, but it doesn't sound like they're interested.

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