I'm just making a cool project, and I can make it any way I want. If you don't like it, just fucking use X

@brandon @sir probably the comments on Hacker News. Apparently people really like their nVidia over there...

I have a nVidia card and I can't play games on it unless I run their proprietary driver. It's not ideal but I bought this card years before I started using Linux again, so I just deal with it until time comes for a HW upgrade.

Some people think that they should be able to do anything they want regardless of their own choices.

@kungtotte @brandon I bet you can run a lot of games on nouveau if you have an older card, give it a try

@kungtotte @brandon but if not... again, I don't really care. Like you said, there are other options for you.

@sir @kungtotte @brandon Yeah, nouveau works a lot better on my 11-year-old laptop than the nvidia blob (I got this secondhand by accident; I thought I was buying one with an intel chipset but the seller didn't know the difference).

Only problem is that nouveau crashes on me and brings the whole OS down, but when it's not doing that, it's great for games. Well, at least the old games that I play, like Nexuiz or Quake II.

At first, I was so tempted to ask for more telemetry so that I could find the value of X 🤣🤣

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