The idea of an "arrogant upstream" is in and of itself an excellent example of the entilted garbage upstreams have to deal with

@sir hm... ok, but what do you call systemd devs then?

@Wolf480pl I don't think arrogant is a word I would use to describe systemd

@Wolf480pl I think I would tactfully refuse to call the systemd developers anything at all

@sir From past experiences I don't expect you'll listen to me, but I really recommend walking away from these arguments and saving your energy for something else.

Or, I don't know, maybe you have enough energy to both get upset with other people and get work done and be happy. I still see a lot of this energy as being wasted on being upset with others.

@sir I just want to see you succeed and be happy while you do so.

@JordiGH it's important to me that these principles are propegated at least as much as their inverse is by the "haters"

@sir I know. I have my own memes I want to spread too (in the original sense of the word). I have just found that at least for myself, there are more effective ways to do that than don't exhaust me and leave me feeling empty in the end when the anger subsides.

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