I realize this isn't the point, but do you really run the Almquist shell in daily life? Or was it just for that boot?

@codesections on Alpine Linux (postmarketOS is an Alpine derivative) I do use ash as my daily driver, yes


Interesting. How is it? I know it mostly through its derivative, Dash, but I'd thought of it as to minimalist for interactive use (but good for scripting).

Wikipedia mentions that Ash "does not provide all the extras of shells like bash", which makes it sound pretty bare bones!

@sir when you get around to testing audio, let me know. That looks like a fantasy audio player for my needs.

@cobra2 don't hold your breath... just tried installing mpv and there are issues with ffmpeg that'll require rebuilding the package

@sir yummy, rebuilding ffmpeg. That's always a good time.

@cobra2 the audio is not great. But it is a devkit, I hope the final phone is better


I am SOOOOOOO looking forward to this phone.

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