Progress on putting together the hardware setup for RISC-V support on

Should finalize this part within the next week or two, and hopefully square away the software in the weeks after that

@banjofox @sir I wish I could use only free and open source hardware and software.

@Exagone313 @sir

No worries friend :)
Folks need to get paid for their efforts at some point.

Looks like a fun project though :D
Makes me want to get my HiFive out.

@sir probably ignorant question but do you have any performance figures for that beautiful machine?

@bshah oversees the RISC-V boards. It's responsible for cutting power or disconnecting the microSD card, and is connected to the UART

@sir Looks interesting setup, wondering if I can setup something similar to this for my ARM boards :)

@sir how exactly do you disconnect/connect the microSD card though? Some software trick? Or?

@bshah going to do this in hardware, but all the parts aren't here yet. Stay tuned!

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