I don't like Rust. Please stop asking my why sway isn't written in it and acting like it's the most obvious thing in the world that it should be

@sir Don't like rust?
Brush it thoroughly and keep in oil.

@sir I'd ask why sway isn't written in Go, but I know the answer, and I agree with it.

I still think the question would be annoying, even though you like Go.

@sir Dislike what about it?

Legitimate question. I don't use it, and all I ever see is "memory safety" as the holy grail, so I don't know what someone else may like or dislike about it aside from that.

@koenaro it's WAY too fuckin complicated, the ABI constantly breaks, it doesn't play nicely with others, among other things

@sir Interesting! I would have expected Rust'd be up your alley. Have you blogged about why you don't like it? For BubbleOS, I'm trying to figure out what a bootstrapped modern systems programming language should look like, and I'm finding Rust really appealing in some ways. I'd be really interested in your thoughts.

@sir Don't care about the language but why isn't Sway GPL? 😋

@sir If someone wants a wayland tiling window manager written in rust they can use "way cooler":

@sir thank you for not writing it in Rust.

I don't want the future of Linux to be dictated by how apathetic Mozilla and Apple are toward platforms that don't make them richer.

@flussence @sir At this point, I don't think Rust would just die even if Mozilla decided to abandon it. It has huge community support and is pretty much the only practical language with borrow checking as of right now. Say what you want about Rust, but it definitely fills a demand. That said, I'm not sure if Rust is the end or merely the means to an end. It's quite possible that a new language may spring up that takes Rust's ideas and improves upon them once we have a more concrete idea of which features such a language should or shouldn't have.

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