Please don't put emoji in the output of command line tools

@sir Does it do that even if the $LANG isn't a utf8 version?

@sir if you're looking to randomly hang a program that shells out to your console utility, stick some vt-100 codes to do status bars and twirly cursors. (Ask Maven users about that).

@alrs also a good way to fill up your with a bunch of garbage and hang the site (prior to the fix which only fetches the last bit of long logs)

@alrs @sir Also CURL, apt-get, and let's not forget git. Escape codes are the devil.

@sir can I put some non latin1 characters ? what's the problem with unicode ? are you using your command line over a serial port ?

@arthurlutz @sir not sure about him, but I sometimes do use commandline over a serial port.

@Wolf480pl @sir sure, me too, but does that mean that the terminals we use as an UI to our computers should be limited by that ?

@arthurlutz @sir no, just that we should have proper feature detection, i.e. have programs look at TERM and/or LC_* instead of making the screen unreadable when you're trying to fix your server's ssh or network access over a slow Serial-over-LAN connection.

@arthurlutz it's not that it's broken (unless you ignore locale settings) - it's that it's not appropriate.

@arthurlutz ASCII is more greppable, scriptable, compatible, and devoid of misbehaving or silly characters. It basically forces you to have sane, predictable output, which is desired for CLI tools.

@sir unicode and it's "silly character" accents seem desirable seen from here for CLI tools, fixing tools so they support standard unicode seems desirable too

@arthurlutz accents are not the silly characters I'm referring to. I'm talking about emoji, box drawing characters, etc

@arthurlutz unicode is important but it's also a huge mess and extremely complicated to get right. User data can (and should) be unicode - UTF-8 is the One True Encoding after all - but interfaces should not be, and CLI programs are interfaces

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