@sir Fully agree, newpipe is lovely and I enjoy it more than I did the official app. I am really thankful that people put such effort into it.

I tried it out but it was missing some key features like interleaved subscriptions.

I saw several feature requests for that shot down as impossible, so I stuck with SkyTube.

I'll definitely keep my eye on it, though. As it grows and stuff is refactored it might be more possible to add those features that I rely on.

Yeah I missed that feature too, but I didn't personally find it a dealbreaker. The other features were just too good to miss out on.

@ibmiubu @sir What are the unique features that you couldn't miss out on? I'd be curious to check them out.

@sir how can you view subscriptions in chronological order in NewPipe?

@kuba_orlik sidebar -> subscriptions -> what's new? Unless I don't grok this feature

@sir hm, does it come up in chronological order for you? In my case it's all over the place, I see videos from 2 years a go, the a video from today, then a video from last week

@sir but without YouTube having created a huge collection of videos and the massive infrastructure to host it, NewPipe would have no reason to exist.

Not saying it's wonderful, but credit where credit is due.

@sir nice blogpost. Haven't really used NewPipe so I can't tell if it's really as good as you describe it, but assuming it is, I agree with the conclusions.

However, I think some people could conclude from your post that FOSS is awesome because the devs implement the features that users ask for. I guess that's not what you intended.

Win people to the politics concretely: make good shit and it will speak for itself.

This is a valuable lesson for FOSS to internalize.

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