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This is an interactive tutorial which will teach you how to use git send-email to contribute to open source projects using git's built-in email tools.

@sir woah, the way you built an interactive manual without a single line of JS is really interesting! (and the project idea itself is cool, too!)

@leip4Ier thanks! Not using any JavaScript is a core principle of sourcehut

@sir @leip4Ier Not sure if doing hacky CSS stuff like that makes it better than JS. Well, at least it works without CSS as well, except for having superfluous radio buttons and 'Next' text

@minus @sir this solution has some advantages!
1. it works with js disabled
2. it's fun

@minus @sir @leip4Ier
It works fast. Though maybe you could make something equally fast with JS... dunno.

Also, if you're making a browser and don't want to implement both JS and CSS (both of which are massive AFAIK), then implementing CSS but no JS would be probably a better idea than JS but no CSS.

@sir you're not a real programmer unless you've embarrassed yourself with git-send-email!

Awesome! This is a wonderful contribution to open source. I will share this with my team!

@sir I clicked one of those collapsed section headers expecting it to not work and... it worked. Going to read this entire thing now just for that.

@flussence 100% JavaScript free, just like sourcehut 😁

@sir Getting a bug where going to a longer step (step four) starts me off on a scrolled-down part of the page. This is not expected behaviour - when I go from step three to step four, I expect to see the start of step four, not the middle.

@expectocode this is a limitation as a result of the decision to not use any javascript

@sir sounds like a reason to use javascript, or use multiple different pages for the different steps

@sir that would also make the forward/back browser buttons work as expected.

@sir I'm not sure how I feel about abusing form elements for it, but using radio buttons and labels for the pages is really clever!
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