Non-comprehensive list of projects which use email-driven development:

- Linux & git (you knew this already)
- *BSD
- gcc, clang
- coreutils, busybox
- glibc, musl libc, newlib
- ffmpeg
- qemu, VirtualBox
- PostgreSQL, MariaDB
- Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, and most other large Linux distros

@sir @zge I see this as a weakness. What to structurally do to prevent a single point of insecurity?

@ffs @zge what? Email is a distributed and fault tolerant system. Github, for example, is neither

@ffs @sir @zge DNS is distributed. It's just people's reliance on "central hubs" that lock it in. Things like OpenNIC and OpenDNS help.

@jalcine @zge fyi my cuties, I'm in the OpenAlias society, and I prefer things like freenet addressing.
I was clear in fault tolerance, email is not: unless I can email via IPv6 ;^)
You guys seen lokinet, namecoin, or b32.i2p?
Also if your organization ONLY relies in SMTPd, it's already catastrophic.

@ffs @sir @zge
DNS isn't totally distributed, the root zone is is run on something like 13 servers and even if you run your own name servers the root zone and all zones in between your domain level and the root are controlled by a small number of authorities.

@jeffalyanak untag me
Unsure why a week old thread is being rebumped.
Solutions: don't just depend on 1 method of communication.
Conferences are the bulk of most progress, hackathon my bane.
@zge @sir @jalcine

@sir pretty much all the projects I work on revolve around an email list.

@sir @jalcine and oh how I wish we did not, but at least with GitLab Debian is getting a bit better!

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