Is there any other build platform outside of sourcehut which can complete a simple build in under 10 seconds?

@sir Been testing out gitlab-ci, it's pretty speedy too, FWIW.

@sir pretty much any platform that has less users than At least the GitLab Pages builds are almost instant for me.

@tdemin hm, gitlab is pretty fast but I didn't think it was that fast

@sir it really depends on the number of simultaneous users, you could wait ages for your build to start the first week or about that when GitHub was purchased by Microsoft and lots of people were moving to

@tdemin @sir I guess you would have to compare gitlab & gitlab-runner on similar hardware as sourcehut to be fair.

@sir I don't know what you mean by "build platform" but maybe compare with the Go tools or Ninja?

@algernon impressive. What kind of environment is this build running in? Do you have a supervisor that could e.g. run postgresql? Curious about the tradeoffs

@sir It's running Drone CI (, on a Debian VPS at Hetzner. Not a particularly powerful machine. In theory, it can run any docker container, and have a postgres up as a service, and have other images (from the same pipeline) connect to it. (source runs Riemann as a service for some parts of the test suite.

@sir I did cheat a bit, because I docker pulled alpine:edge prior to triggering the build. It would have taken a few seconds more if I didn't (but subsequent builds wouldn't re-fetch, so I'm not feeling *too* bad about this).

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