Does anyone else hate book sleeves and throws them out as soon as they get the book

@sir personally, not al sleeves are equal. But one professor I knew had no problem with CUTTING IN HALF books that were too large to handle comfortably...

@sir I used to love them as book marks but would remove them to read the book. Now I just get paperbacks from the library


Absolutely throw them out first thing. Then if I really like the book, I rip the cover off and make a new one.

@sir I hate them too but I don't have the willpower necessary to actually throw them away... so I remove them when reading the book, and put them back on when I'm done, fully aware of the frustration I'll experience next time I resume my reading. 😅

@sir I'm pretty sure they are only meant to be there to sell the book in the bookstore. Most hardbacks look the same, and they would be too hard to differentiate. So don't feel bad for recycling them.

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