For anyone concerned about git repos on being wiped by a bad actor's git push, just thought I'd set your minds at ease. DOES use the same gc process as Gitlab, which means objects are removed as soon as you delete them, BUT I also take a full (encrypted) backup of all git repos every 5 minutes. I can restore anything from any point in time in cases like this. Same applies to

@sir brb giving my password to a bad actor to verify that your backups are working /s

@sir Probably I could find it in the sources already, but could describe what backup tools do you use (as, I guess, this is more elaborate than well just gpging data and storing blobs on disk).

@jacek I actually used to have an approach based on gpg that worked pretty well, and had some novel stuff for distributing encrypted backups across users to improve redundancy, but that was ill suited to v2 (i.e. today's sourcehut). I use borg-backup for filesytem-level backups and I use streaming replication for postgresql backups

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